Please help me turn my life around

I have no self worth, I feel like I’m boring &I don’t make my children proud of me.
I’m spiralling into consuming alcohol & other substances so I have a feeling of escapism but it’s becoming an addiction & soon I will have no money left. I’m
Frightened & I need to turn my life around & have the confidence to do this
I also get very lonely & feel isolated. I’m a single parent & we are about to go into lockdown again
Asked by Helen24

You have reached out and that is a very good thing which credits you with courage and integrity. Because you have made the decision to seek help things are turning around for you and starting now your recovery and life begins anew. Feeling lonely is a very human experience that we all must deal with and we do so by attempting to make connections with not only other people, but substances like drugs and alcohol. Whatever the reasons we tell ourselves are the causes of our continued use of drugs and alcohol the real reasons begin to loose their significance as the reality of addiction takes its hold on us. There comes a point when we realize that we are no longer using the drugs and alcohol, but now it is controlling us and we have lost the will and ability to stop using on our own. The substances we once relied upon to help us cope become the controlling issue that now controls us. In the world of Recovery where the 12 Steps are used the very first step is essential. It is the recognition that we are not in control anymore and it’s the drugs and/or alcohol that is in control. We then find ourselves in a life or death struggle where the addiction takes on a life of its own it seems and it will use every emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual trick it can to keep itself alive and thriving. The good news is we are not in this war alone. Millions have gone before us and are presently enjoying sober, sane and serene living. It was and remains to be an everyday struggle where we must choose everyday a life of complete honesty and surrender. It is not easy. But the alternative is death. To choose life and to choose sobriety and sanity is done not on our own. On our own we stay using and stay a drunk. For sobriety and sanity to be gained we will need to not only reach out once, but begins to live in a reality of reaching out and being helped and in ourselves helping others in this journey. It can and is done! Without sobriety and sanity we are doomed to live a life of desperation and all the human ills that come along with the addicted life like shame, guilt, regret and resentment will be our daily lot. When you are ready to admit you are powerless over the addictions and need help in order to live forward then help is here and always ready to begin with you. It will not be easy. The real things of life never are, but it will be life and the worth of life Iglesia without saying. So right now, today, you decide. Will it be death, which is a certainty with addictions, or will it be life at whatever the cost?