What are the steps to healing ?

I would say my situation is I lost my daughter I had to bury her it’s just hard to deal with and get through everyday it happened a few months ago and due to a abusive relationship I was in I let it get to far and I’m ashamed hurt I feel guilt anger so much and more than anything I just wanna get to a place where I feel stronger I stop concenplating suicide it has been challenging , I know I need to talk to someone cause I have my days with the grief and trauma
Asked by Lee

Hi Lee. Thank you so much for reaching out to get answers to your questions. I want to make sure that you know and are very aware that as I listen and give you information that this is simply educational and resource-based it is not meant to be therapy or any kind of treatment. It is very important to understand this from a clinical perspective as well as a mental health understanding. Lee, you asked the questions about the steps to heal. I can tell you that as you consider the steps to healing it is good to look into the DABDA method. This method was created by Elizabeth-Kubler-Ross. The steps are called the five stages of grieving. Denial, anger, bargaining. depression and acceptance. These five stages are typical stages when considering any loss. You said that you lost your daughter and that you had to bury her and that is very unfortunate and sad. I am so sorry about your loss. You mentioned that you feel a lot of guilt related to this loss?  You also mentioned anger too. I would ask that you assess the feelings that are associated with guilt and anger as well as the thoughts. I am concerned as you brought up the topic of suicide. There are many crisis lines that can help you through this type of thinking. This is a serious matter and I do not want you to hesitate as you seek out solutions to help you to navigate your feelings and gain understanding and healing. It sounds like counseling is very pertinent to you right now because if you are in despair having a support system and also a good counselor it can be a great path to finding a way to have better mental health. You can survey what systems are available. There are many ways to use therapy. You can use telehealth as an option if you need something convenient. You also said that you have endured abuse and I am sorry that you have been through that. As you seek out healing this is something that you may discover answers to as well. I do wish you the best.   

(LPC, NCC, RYT-200)