too scared to get help how do I overcome it

basically know I want/need help but way to anxious and scared about talking to someone about my problems, also anxious and scared about showing myself as I hate everything about me
Asked by Poland Springs

Hello there! this is a great question. You are not alone. Many others also have a sense that they need/ want help, but are either afraid or unsure about how to go about this. 

To better answer these questions I would like to address them in two parts. Firstly, I acknowledge that the idea of starting therapy can be overwhelming, and this is a step that one would have to take when ready. How does one know they need help? If you acknowledge that your daily social, relational, and physical functioning is impaired, and you are struggling in managing these areas on your own, this could be a sign that you need help. As for the fear of beginning therapy. I encourage you to weigh the risks, and benefits of getting help. If there is more benefit than risk, then maybe it's worth taking that leap.

Let's assume you see more of the benefit, now there's the question of how and where one would go to get that help. I would say one of the benefits of starting your counseling journey on a platform like Betterhelp is that you have quite a few options on how you would go about it. Firstly you have access to your own virtual counseling room 24/7, where you can message your therapist throughout the week, check in on your goals, and journal as needed. In addition to this, you have three options for how you would like to do live sessions with your therapist that include: live chat, live phone call, or live video. Since you are struggling with poor self-esteem/ image at the moment perhaps you could begin by engaging in live chats or phone sessions with a therapist until you feel comfortable doing a live video session. Keep in mind that if at any point you don't feel uncomfortable with your assigned therapist, you are free to request a new one.  Remember when it comes to therapy, you should feel like you are in the driver's seat, and Betterhelp really does provide this control. 

I really encourage you to think about these points, and if they sound good to you perhaps you can give therapy a try. Hopefully, this helps you. Wishing you all the best!