How do I keep the depression away and be a normal functioning adult?

I'm constantly being weighed down by this fog of sadness and it has made it hard to be around people. I struggle to have relationships with other people because I'm constantly waiting for them to hurt me or to lie. It needs to stop. Please help me.
Asked by Lex

Depression is a sign that your body needs time to rest and is tired of going through the motions of daily life. First, take an inventory of what you like in your life and what you would like to change or things that don't align with your values. Once you find things that are depleting your time and energy do your best to eliminate these things to live a more fulfilling life.

Also, there are some things you could do daily that help correct those symptoms of anxiety. These include incorporating exercise into your day and routine. Exercise has been linked to improved mental health and improved mood. Another thing to include is setting daily goals. Make sure that they are S.M.A.R.T. goals, which stands for S- Specific, setting real numbers with real deadlines, M- Measurable, making sure your goal is trackable, A- Attainable, working towards a goal that is challenging but possible, R- Realistic, be honest with yourself and knowing what you are capable of, and T- Time-bound, giving yourself a deadline. Also creating a special diet and eating foods that are known for improving energy and improved focus and avoiding junk food. Another is to establish a routine for sleeping and waking. This will give the body a proper schedule and a better sense of control and routine in your life. Another is to limit the use of alcohol and other drugs, they only give temporary relief and don't get to the core of the problem. Lastly, you are also welcome to reach out to family and friends even if it is just to catch up and see what they are doing in their life. Making an appointment with a therapist can also help with discussing your triggers, and coping skills that you can use in daily life.

The theory that is one of the most effective with people experiencing depression is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It explains how thoughts, behavior, and emotions are all connected. The thoughts are the internal dialogue that you tell yourself, your emotions are how you feel in the moment of the activating event, and behaviors are your actions or what you did at the moment. In order to change your emotions you have to change your thoughts. Which would then change your emotions and actions to follow. 

I really hope this was helpful for you and provided actionable steps towards correcting those feelings of sadness.