I wanted to know what is your definition of real happiness as a human being?

I have a lot to talk about but I wanted to start with the question that I asked.
I’m curious about happiness in humans as much as I’m curious about happiness for myself.
Asked by Yuki


I read your question as asking about what happiness means to the human existence. Aristotle said, "happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Now he is an old philosopher who may not define our current views of happiness.

In looking at happiness for myself I define it as fulfillment in some sense whether that be emotionally, physically, or mentally. Sometimes that fulfillment comes in small doses or sometimes it might be enough to last us long periods of time. I have an analogy of fulfillment being a cup we constantly have to fill because the holes of stressors are bleeding the content out. Therefore, finding personal happiness is doing things we find pleasurable and rewarding.

It seems from your question you have a difficult time feeling happiness and are wondering how others experience the emotion. The biological answer is doing pleasurable things releases serotonin which makes us happy and when we are lacking serotonin we don't experience the same levels of happiness as others. I also think our experiences and worldviews impact how we experience happiness. For example, people who see the world as black and white may not experience the same level of happiness as someone who sees gray because they will usually be disappointed with a result. 

So why do some people feel like they can never be happy? And why do we constantly seek out ways to be happy even when it doesn't meet our expectations? I believe sometimes we have difficulty in life tuning out the negative thoughts and emotions we have. In part because we also have unrealistic expectations of happiness based on our perceptions of others. Additionally, it is easy for us to pass over positive experiences as a normal part of our day instead of holding on to them. Sometimes even getting a smile from a random stranger can make our day if we let ourselves believe in it.

To sum up, happiness in a human being is the ability to find pleasure or fulfillment in an experience, thought, or any other part of the human existence. I hope this answers your question and thanks for asking it.