I’m looking for a therapist in Ga that specializes in narcissistic personality disorder.

Please if there are any references for one send it my way. Anyone that is authorized to practice in GA will be good. Need someone as soon as possible please
Asked by Ckast

I see that you are looking for a therapist in GA - is there a specific reason that you are requesting someone in GA? Are you involved in any situations that have court involvement pending?  I am located in GA and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have worked with several cases involving narcissistic personality disorder as well as with individuals who may not have met the criteria for the diagnosis but had symptoms of the disorder. 

Could you provide a little more detail about the situation - are you diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder or if you are someone living with, interacting with, or caring for someone with this disorder? I have experience working with families who are dealing with a loved one. I have worked with several cases where custody of children has been involved and narcissism was impacting the emotional health of the children.

I have found these cases to be incredibly challenging while at the same time I believe each and every person can learn new ways of communicating and engaging with others. I will say that I have not had good outcomes with the individual diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. I cannot say for sure if this was relative to my capacity and knowledge about the disorder or if it was on the part of the client who just may not have been in the readiness state for change. I know from experience that until someone acknowledges there is a problem and is ready to accept the help that we as therapists can try every approach in our toolbox but nothing is going to change. 

I would be open to more dialogue about the specifics related to your situation to determine if I am a good fit as a therapist to take this case. There are several more questions that I would want to explore with you before I would provide a definite answer one way or the other. If you are interested in having some conversation with me about your situation, please feel free to connect with me so that we can do that.