How can I improve my relationship food? How can I improve my feelings of being inadequate?

I have been a “fussy eater” since a child, i find it difficult to know what to eat alot of the time due to this and i find thinking about food and what to eat stressful especially now i have 2 young children and i worry about providing them with a healthy diet. I worry about them being like me and food being so difficult for them. I also don't feel good enough and this is impacting my confidence.
Asked by Lily

Hello Lily, 

It is very nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to write and send in your question. You ask a wonderful, insightful question! It is wonderful that you are concerned with and want to make sure that your children are healthy and eating properly. I would first encourage you to speak with your children's pediatrician regarding specific questions about the proper foods and the amount of foods. They can also recommend books or other resources to you.

As parents, we set the foundation for our child(ren)'s relationship with food. I would encourage you to offer a wide variety of foods, flavors, tastes, etc. For specifics, refer back to your doctor's recommendations for foods, based on the ages of your children. Make eating meals together a positive experience. Enlist their help with basic cooking and meal preparation, such as mixing ingredients together or setting the table, etc. Some other things to consider - food should not forced on children, such as telling a child that they must eat all their dinner or they can not leave the table, think of the expression that we must clean our plates before getting up. This behavior can set the stage for a very unhealthy relationship with food for them. Encourage foods that are considered healthy, such as fruits and vegetables. 

Self confidence has to come from within yourself. When you are feeling insecure or inadequate, remind yourself why you are a good parent and you are good enough. Focus on the positive things that you do for yourself and your children. Count every positive thing that you do as a win!

You might find it beneficial to speak with a therapist or counselor about your history of picky, fussy eating. It sounds like you struggle with this sometimes. How have you managed to deal with this (being a fussy eater) in your life? What strategies have you found helpful to ensure that you get the proper nutrition for yourself?

I hope that you have found this information helpful and I wish you all the best moving forward on your journey.