I’ve done a lot of past mistakes and I suffer from ocd anxiety guilt shame.

I’ve done a lot of past mistakes such as loed stolen some drugs and the guilt and shame and anxiety isn’t letting me live a normal life as I deserve to
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The Betterhelp platform provides online therapy services to help guide its members in understanding their thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Oftentimes these concerns are impacting our relationships, and our daily functioning. Therapy with Betterhelp is a way to gain further insight into these concerns; gain psychoeducation related to our symptoms; and learn new techniques to support our management of the new behaviors.

I would first suggest an assessment or an initial appointment with a mental health provider is important. This opportunity would allow for you to further explain more about your experiences and behaviors in a safe space. The mental health provider would be able to provide reflective listening, empathy, and guidance to properly address your needs.  I acknowledge your efforts in reaching out.

I understand you are seeking a better understanding of your thoughts and behaviors. It's also noted that you are aware of how your behaviors and how they have impacted you. Asking this question suggest that you are seeking support in understanding more about yourself, which is commendable. We are all human and make mistakes therefore, its important to be kind to yourself and employ self-compassion, positive thoughts. Acknowledge where you are now and how your past is simply an opportunity to grow and learn.

You may benefit from therapy services to learn and practice techniques self-soothing techniques and forgiving yourself. Perhaps, identify triggers and develop new ways to process your thoughts and feelings related to your history of "stolen some drugs and the guilt and shame and anxiety isn’t letting me live a normal life as I deserve to".

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