Honestly I Don’t have a question I just need someone to talk to and give me guidance and listen

Well im not from here for one and im having alot of family issues im living with a friend right now and i’m only 18 years old and i feel like I have a story to tell . I’ve been through so much living out here im traumatized, I have anxiety, I shake when im nervous. Overall I just want somebody who is going to genuinely listen to me and give me the advice I need . im currently unemployed and im just looming for a little bit of guidance.
Asked by Ni

First and foremost, thank you for reaching out to seek help. You are very brave.  It can be challenging being in a new place or an environment in which you do not have many safe people to share life with. While living with your friend may provide some social support, I do understand that having family issues and no options for guidance can be tough. Better Help is an excellent platform to connect with licensed clinicians who are willing and able to provide a listening ear, helpful insight, and experience. I do agree with you that you have a story to tell. I believe everyone does, and by exploring yours, you can position yourself for positive change. 

I want to encourage you to explore your trauma in a safe space and use therapy to process situations that you have encountered. By carefully assessing and unpacking the emotional damage in your life, you give yourself the space to heal. That is no easy feat and it requires time, effort, and a commitment to your mental health. Therapy is a journey. I tell my clients all the time that I am willing to be an active passenger on their journey and while I will never take over the wheel, I will carefully guide them towards the completion of their goals. 

Your anxiety, nervousness, and the physical manifestations of worry can all be addressed in the confines of therapy. It is a space in which judgment and condemnation have no place. It is a space to explore your past and the origins of your trauma to create meaningful interventions to address it.

The idea of starting therapy may seem intimidating, scary, or even overwhelming, but the issues that you process during your time in therapy and the interventions you learn can be used in a way to help you experience the change that you are seeking. People come to therapy and form a therapeutic alliance for various reasons, but the end game is the same; People want to heal. 

I hope that you feel empowered to start your journey. I am rooting for you!