How do I commit to something long term consistently?

So for an example, I never could stay consistent with a diet, a training exercise, or to a goal to read a book. How do I stay consistent to those things
Asked by Ziba

First, to be consistent, select a goal that you realistically want to do and then do it in a way that works for you. Many people set goals that are unrealistic. For instance, I want to lose 12 pounds in the next two weeks. While that might work in the short run, developing a consistent routine takes more time and less pressure to succeed quickly. Secondly, make sure that you are reasonable in what consistent means for you. For instance, I know I need to exercise more just because it is good for me mentally and physically. I have to ask myself how often, what kind of exercise, and where can I fit it in during my day. Far too often, clients set unrealistic and unreasonable goals for their life, and they want it to happen quickly. So, instead of saying I am going to go to the gym every day and work out for one hour. I might say, I can fit in a walk during this time and then go to the gym two times a week. Consistency becomes harder when we set the bar too high. Start off in ways that will give you a sense of accomplishment, and that tends to motivate you to add more on later or continue on with your current goal. If you can, make it as enjoyable and as fun as you possibly can for the goal. Thirdly, accept that you will have set backs and moments where your goal for the day does not happen. When things get in the way, and you lapse accept that it is a lapse and tomorrow is a new day. Beating up on ourselves does not encourage consistency, but it has the opposite effect. Finally, find ways to reward yourself when you maintain some degree of consistency. For instance, if I eat better this week, then I will allow myself that ice cream at the end of the week. Once you maintain a fairly reasonable, realistic, and consistent pattern over time, then it becomes less of a "chore," and more a part of your daily routine.