How do I enjoy life right now and get motivated to participate in the development of my life?

I’m watching everyone else live their lives while I’m stuck. I can’t live in the moment/get moving. I was laid off last June due to covid and I’m very anxious to get back in the working world. I’m also bored as heck and feel useless. It’s a battle inside my head every minute of every day. I’m overwhelmed by the thought that I can do anything. I know it’s exciting, but it overwhelms me and so I do nothing instead. It’s clearly a vicious cycle and I don’t know how to break it. I’m worried I’m letting life pass me by while everyone else is enjoying theirs and progressing. Please help!
Asked by Brit



I'm so glad that you decided to reach out for support. Honestly that is half the battle and you should commend yourself for that victory no matter how small. First I would like to start off by saying this year has been difficult for so many of us and has a community as a whole. With that being said, it's not uncommon given the circumstances and you are most definitely not alone in the situation you are going through. 

From what you are saying, I do believe you are suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression: the uselessness, being bored and overwhelmed. Ask yourself has this ever been a problem for me before or is this just in response to something? Either way I would encourage you to make sure that after you read this answer you seek to find support with a one on on therapist.


It most definitely be difficult when we see other people's excelling at what they set out to do- but with that being said, when possible is, allow that to be a part of the passion that drives you! Start small and map out or write down the things you believe you want to accomplish until the end of the year. If you are comfortable, I would recommend that you reach out to one of your friends who you know will keep you accountable and cheer you on in order to reach your goals and get out of this funk. Think about what are the things that makes you feel of use. 

Before you set out to do anything, make sure you know exactly what you are working towards. I like to share SMART goals with my clients in order to help them make sure the things they are working on are clear and attainable. 

Also if these symptoms are ones that have presented itself post COVID it may be important to go and chat with someone in order to debrief and chat about how not only the pandemic affected you but how much it has also impacted your motivation.  I would encourage you that even when you don't feel like it, go and take a walk in order to get some fresh air but also challenge yourself to being consistent on a daily basis. 

I would also love for you to think through the following: if I could wake up tomorrow and everything I was experiencing was fixed, what would those things be? How would my situation shift? This things may help you to put into perspective the way you would want to live; start there.


Untimely it does sound like you would benefit from the support of a licensed professional to maintain your consistency, motivation, and dedication. 

I truly hope some of this was helpful. 

All the best.