How long are the Video Sessions? 1-1 Sessions...

I would like to know how long the video session will be and how often I can see a therapist. I am looking into my savings to receive therapy. Im looking into pricing on multiple Therapy solutions.
Asked by Reims

Hello there! 

You have some great questions about the format on the platform! Betterhelp has 30 minute blocks but you can request and some therapist will allow up to an hour if you schedule. You can only schedule one live at a time. Typically my clients will do 1x/week tops or some do every other and I have a limited number that just schedule sporadically. You are allowed to use the messaging feature at anytime to send chat/texts to your counselor anytime! Every counselor is different with how often they will get with you or respond but most of us check it at least once a day during the week, and most let you know if the first message how often you can expect to hear from them. It is also important to note Better Help is self pay so insurance is not ran to use it. But it is often times more cost efficient for members than inperson therapy. Honestly, the beauty of the platform is making it work for you and how you best communicate. I do think if you need more than a 1 hour video/live session per week you might want to look into other options. But if this is a matter of flexibility and convenience, BetterHelp is a fantastic option to help you have a counselor at the tip of your finger tips and depending on how you utilize it, you can definitely get a lot more bang for your buck than traditional in person therapy for the price that often cost that price for just 1 session. Hopefully this helps answer your questions and gets you a better idea of what to expect here on this platform. I wish you the best of luck finding the therapy and resources that work best for you mentally and financially. Even if it isnt here at Better Help, I applaud you for taking the first step to find what is right for you and hope the next steps get you to the place you want to be! Best wishes as you continue on your journey to a better version of you! :)