How do you cope with hating pregnancy?

I have one healthy beautiful child that we love dearly, wonderful husband, great home, successful career. This planned second pregnancy has left me feeling paralyzed. I hate it. I hate waking up in the morning, I have an insane urge to run away and change my number so no one can find. me, I hate everyone and everything around me. I cry a lot, I can’t sleep, I hate sex, I hate food, I even hate my
dear friends.
Asked by Tammy

Oh how this question resonated with me. I think firstly, I just wanted to let you know, that it is ok to hate being pregnant, society seems to think we should love everything to do with having children, and so few people actually admit that being pregnant isn't idyllic. 

You say you hate everything at the moment, I'm wondering what you hate about it? Maybe dig in to this. Or is it a generalized hate of the world just now. Planning a second child is a big transition, maybe look a bit further in to what about that is triggering you. (eg is it pregnancy, the birth, having another child, or something completely different) and then look further in to what about this is specifically triggering you. What emotions are coming up for you? Hate is sometimes an easy emotion to feel, and may be masking something else. 

I'm wondering what your support system is like, do you have many people around you to provide support, I'm also wondering if you're isolating yourself due to these feelings of hate that you're experiencing. If so, this may lead to you feeling worse, try and push through the drive to isolate and reach out, make connections and communicate your pain. 

Pregnancy is a hard time, with a lot of hormones impacting, as well as changes to your body, changes to your family structure etc, I'm wondering if part of what you're experiencing is grief for your current life, and that's totally ok to feel, as a second baby is going to be a big change, there's a lot going on for you just now and it's totally normal to feel unsettled. 

It sounds in some ways like you're experiencing depression, the struggle with getting out of bed in the morning, the paralysis are hallmarks of depression, I'm wondering if you're eating properly, exercising etc, getting outside enough, connecting with people and all those things that can help us when we're feeling down. Have a think about if there is anything else you could be doing self-care wise to help you to feel better.