How can I move forward when everything is so stagnate?

I am trying to move on, get a job, continue my degree, move out, etc. But nothing is going my way and I feel like I'm just stuck in one place. I've tried reaching out to people and they are in the same position and cannot take me on. I feel worthless and that I can't do anything on my own no matter how hard I try, and I feel lost. So how can I keep going? What can I do to not feel this way anymore?
Asked by NatureBaby

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to BetterHelp for assistance. I look forward to assisting you. I understand you feel that you are trying to move on get a job, continue your degree and move out. Appears like you feel like nothing is going your way and that you are stuck in one place. You state that you feel lost. Sounds like you state you feel kind of worthless. I would like to ask what recently happened in your life. Did a recent change happen in your life. I would say that change is stressful. Anytime you have changed in your life, you have stress.  How many recent changes have you had in your life recently?  In your situation, I would suggest Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and apply the ABC method. With ABC method you can challenge your thoughts and beliefs to get a better outcome for yourself. A= the activating event, b= your thoughts and beliefs, C= the outcome or consequence. The key is to challenge and dispute your thoughts and beliefs to get the outcome that is best for you. Are you having a lot of negative thoughts? What kind of negative thoughts are you having?  Negative thinking will only get you depressed, discouraged, in a pity party and feeling bad. Negative thinking will not get you the outcome you want. It is easy to get into the habit of thinking negatively. Once you start thinking negatively, it can be hard to get out of the cycle of negative thinking.  The key is to challenge your negative thoughts or unhelpful thoughts. You want to say"is this way of thinking or acting helping me or hurting me?"  If it isn't helping you then you need to stop thinking that way and change and do something else to get unstuck. It is easy to procrastinate and put things off. Again, you need to challenge thoughts of procrastination and think is this procrastination helping me reach my goals or not. If procrastination isn't helping you then you need to not procrastinate and do something different. You need to adopt more positive thoughts and activities to replace the negative thoughts/thinking and activities. With time, this should help you get unstuck and start moving with your goals. I wish you the best and look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck.