Should i seek help?

I've been having a hard time trying to even initiate studying for the past 4 years. It's been hard for me to concentrate as I can barely finish a 40 min lecture in one sitting. With that said, it takes me more than double the amount of time of the recorded lecture to finish it. In highschool i was able to manage. I can't remember the amount of times I've pulled all-nighters to study for tests that I had planned to study for during the day but ended up procrastinating until nightfall and realizing that time had passed without even being aware of it. I usually used to end up getting really good grades afterwards though. This was all good until i started college last year. All-nighters never really helped and my flawed studying techniques were catching up on me. I failed half of my materials and got held back a year to get done with the other half of the materials. That's when i realized what was happening to me wasn't really normal so i searched it up and found some explanations for what's going on with me ( i was and still am too ashamed to talk about this to anyone seeing as i filled everyone with lies making them think i was working and studying hard while in fact i wasn't) i got some results i actually related to but i know better than to self diagnose myself. So I'll just state the things I've been going through.
I'd have college work but no matter how much i try It'd be physically impossible for me to get started with my lectures. I'd act so calm about it but as a matter of fact I'd be internally screaming.
I miss so many important dates.
I've messed up schedules more times than i could remember.
My mind can be in such a haze for long amounts of time.
I'm so bad with names. I'd ask someone for their name and not even listen when they answer.
When i was a kid i used to ignore my need to go to the bathroom and hold it in not to miss out on playing or what not. This resulted with urinal problems.
Sometimes I'd miss out on breakfast because no matter how much i try i just can't get out of bed or I'm too lazy to make any food.
I occasionally zone out and this has been a hell of a problem.
Last year i missed out on more than half the online lectures for materials but somehow managed to finish 3/4 of the lectures of each material a day prior to its exam which kinda creeped me out.
I'd been quite physical and violent ever since i was a child but i kinda got it under control last year.
Hours pass by as if they were mins.
I never really had recurring issues with falling asleep but somedays it's impossible for me to get to bed at a desired hour.
Now i don't think all this is normal. Obviously my biggest concern is my studies. I'm so worried and i really don't want to fail any of my subjects this year but the same events that happened last year are happening now and it scares me. I want to have a better understanding of what's going on with me to at least know how to deal with my problems. Professional help is always an option but i just need reassurance. I was always the first in my classes and to fall back like that is definitely a burden.

Asked by Jay

Thank-you for reaching out to betterhelp for assistance. I look forward to assisting you with your issues. It sounds like you are having some issues with initiating studying for 4 years and it takes time for you to go through a 40 minute lecture. You state that you could manage in highschool but not in college now. You stated that you procrastinate and pull all nighters to study but these all nighters don't really appear to be helping your grades. You state you have flawed study habits that caught up with you and you had to be held back a year to catch up.  You stated you forget names, mix up dates, trouble getting started, your mind is in a haze sometimes.  I understand how this can be very frustrating for you. I would suggest a good physical exam by a doctor to rule out and make sure you don't have any physical issues going on. Than I would suggest you apply some cognitive behavioral therapy skills. I would suggest the ABC skill. A= the activating event, B= your beliefs and thoughts and C= the outcome or consequence. The key is to challenge your thoughts and beliefs to get an outcome that will be good for you. It is obvious that your outcome would be to study, develope good study skills, sleep well and do well in school. I would challenge your thoughts and when you think of procrastinating don't and do your work. Tell yourself you can do something fun or special when you finish your school work but first do your school work. I would make lots of lists and check things off as they are completed. It always feels good to check things off as they are completed. I would work on some relaxation skills like deep breathing to relax and may progressive muscle relaxation skills. You just breathe in deeply through your nose, hold and out your mouth. This gets good oxygen to your brain. Oxygen is food for your brain and with an increase in oxygen in your brain you can think clearer and hopefully this will help your studies and to remember to do things. You can download the progressive muscle relaxation video on you tube fo 15 minutes. Lie down, close your eyes and listen to it. It might even put you to sleep. I hope some of these skills an d suggestions help you. I enjoyed assisting you and wish you the best with school and look forward to hearing from you.