How do you deal with a woman that the moment she’s not happy she shitson u And sleeps with everybody

No matter what I do the woman I love for the last 20 years wants to fuck over me instead of being with me how do you deal with that she only wants me when she need something but the moment she don’t need anything she shits on me the whole time
Asked by Bo

Thank you for writing in.  Emotional distance with the person you love can be difficult to say the least and to add on top of that the fact that she has chosen to step out of the relationship of 20 years. Is this a sudden change in behavior? T  Have you talked to her about how you feel ( about her only coming to you when she needs something.)  Also, why is she unhappy? One thing I would do is focus on your own mental health, and fulfillment. Other questions I would consider is does you partner want to work on improving the relationship?  If she ( and you) want to work on the relationship then I would get some counseling as a couple. If she does not want to work on the relationship then I would consider getting individual counseling to help you sort out where you would want to go from here. It's is important to find out the answers to these question to know what you are fighting for. Also, It is important to treat yourself respect and set appropriate boundaries with loved ones ( ie not tolerating behavior that is disrespectful towards the relationship). I like to think we all have an emotional well within our souls and we cannot pour from a well that is empty. 

The other thing to consider is if their are any children involved what is best for the children. 

I your partners is willing to work on ya'lls relationship then work on it with all your might. However you can't be the only one working to improve your relationships . Also is this impacting your self esteem and self confidence. Doing things that lift your self confidence. do you have any friends that support you.  Focus on what you have to offer the world that is positive. I hope this provides a starting point of a few things to consider. I would welcome the chance to explore these issues with you furture in a counseling session. I have some resources about relationships that I think you may find beneficial. Again thank you for writing in I hope this helps