How much is each therapy session and would these sessions take place virtually?

I had many bad experiences in my life which changed my thoughts about family and men that I almost had a relationship with. I feel like I can't go forward in a relationship because there is a lack of trust and I get hurt easily by people. I am quite sensitive and sometimes react to situations too much. I feel so low because I don't have the confidence to think about relationships or love even, have a normal relation with cousins. That really affects me and I don't know how to overcome my emotions or express them. Also, how to be positive and emotionally strong in these situations. Especially, to be genuinely be happy rather than pretending to smile. I really need help to understand and work on areas that are affecting my thinking along with my behaviour.
Asked by Shez

Hi Shez

Thank you for reaching out. Each session typically lasts 45 mins. We meet virtually, video, phone, and or chat sessions these are in real-time. We can also communicate in messages, daily if you would wish. I like to start therapy sessions slow, I like to develop a therapeutic relationship, by getting to know and learning about what you have been through in your own time. That way you can feel that therapy is a safe place for you to talk about those bad experiences that have changed your life. I use the example that therapy is like your car. I am not going to drive this car for you, I am not going to stop, or start for you. What I am going to do is sit in the front seat with you. I am going to hold the road map, which is your goals and the things you want to accomplish, and support you through that. If you go off course, I am going to ask why and do you want to change things and we would adjust as you need to do so. I would want to talk about trust, how you feel trust should work. How trust is bulit for you and what you need in order to feel secure in trusting anyone.  We would talk about building your confidence and what that would look like. Its important to you to feel like you can be comfortable. Is the sensitivity related to everyone or family or? I think we start determining where these feelings have started? Then learn how to stay present in the moment and not be drawn back into the pain you feel on a regular basis. We start with something called  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, that we work to stop the feelings that beings these unhappy thoughts and then change the action.   The action of turning negative feelings into positive feelings.   Once we can change the negative feelings we can work on increasing that trust and building that confidence you need to feel love, feel happiness and not feel like you have to pretend to be happy when you are not.