Is being actively engaged in practicing my profession that is Counseling important or be a housewife

I am a visiting lecturer of psychology at a college , married and 33 years old lady. I have not become mother yet n I want to become soon also .......
Asked by Maan

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What if I told you that you can do both?

There has been significant progression on having a career while still being a mother who experiences motherhood. Psychology and counseling are a broad topic that can easily be a career while at home.

If this career brings you joy, excites you, and keeps you motivated, in turn, it will make you be a better parent. A lot of resentment grows when we constantly sacrifice ourselves unnecessarily. Below are some tips on how to balance motherhood and career.

Many women happily pursue the careers of their choice. Then there are other women who take on a career due to financial constraints. They continue to work because their family needs their salary to survive. Not all of these women have glamorous jobs or phenomenal careers. They go to work each day to put food on the table, plain and simple. Then they go home and still perform all the household duties that the traditional housewife would do. They cook, they clean, they do laundry, and they tend to their children. Many women are fortunate to have a husband who helps in the home, but for those that do not, it is time to use your voice and realize it is okay to ask for help. It does not make you a “bad mom” to have help. It actually makes you a better mom because you are able to engage in the home without the burnout and exhaustion.

So, who had it better, the women of yesterday or the women of today? Who has it better, the working woman or the full time mother? Honestly, there are pros and cons to every choice which is why there is no “one size fits all” answer, especially for those women who don’t have a choice in the matter. In today’s society, you are either a housewife, a career woman, or both.

  1. Choose a job that will still give you time for your family- a part time job is good to consider since it gives you more time with your family. Unlike a full time, job, this will consume less energy as well as time. This will be the start to reach for your goals.
  2. Family is always first- it is important to prioritize your family over your job. You shouldn’t miss out of the important milestones in your family’s life. Putting your family in first place means that you know how to weigh the situation. If your family’s welfare that is already at stake, it is better to compromise work first and don’t let others stand as the mother or wife in the house since this will bring worse results. Remember that they are the motivation to reach for your goals which is why they should be put first and not last.
  3. Leave work at the office- there are other far more important work at home anyway. It is important that you live the stresses and troubles in your office there because there will always be other worries to face at home. Same is true with housework which you should leave at home. Bringing your work at home will lessen your time with the people who really matters the most.
  4. Take good care of yourself- you should have a constant check of your own wellness since you are handling a lot of responsibilities now that you’ve decided to have outside work to help support your partner. It will be hard to fulfill your responsibility as a mother and an employee once your health fails. Once you fall sick, it may just add to your financial burdens since you will need to seek medical help from doctors as well as the medicines to be prescribed to you.
  5. Try applying for an online job- an online job is the perfect choice for mothers and housewives who still wants to stay at home and supervise their loved ones. Not only does it take away the stress of daily transportation and the travel time it consumes, it also cuts a lot of spending required since you don’t need to pay for the regular fare that you will need to spend.

6.    Acquire the balance that works for you – Some women will want a focus on their career, whilst others will want to maintain a focus on family. Both of these are perfectly acceptable results, and it’s likely that women will swing between the two depending on their aims and family demands. Find a balance that works for you and don’t be scared to adjust it when your circumstances or desires change.

7.   Educate yourself and others – Understand, retain and sometimes even re-educate your peers that this balance, including motherhood, is a central part of your success. That finding this balance you will thrive as a person, including in your career. Not everyone will have family demands or a knowledge of the toll they can take on you – make sure they are aware so that they can better understand and support your ways of working.

8.   Recognize societal boundaries – Be aware that the story of motherhood is based on history and inherited perceptions, as well as an established bias – something we can refer to as the maternal wall. You need to recognize these boundaries, as they may be something you come up against in your career. Equally, remember that ‘motherhood’ is a story and that you are writing your own version of it – it is up to you how you live your role as a working parent, and no one else.