How can I get a better nights sleep?

I can’t switch off at night, racing mind. Insomnia, waking up through the night and or not being able to fall asleep for hours. Feel anxious about going to bed now.
Asked by Alvy

Hi! I've worked successfully with many clients with sleep issues. When your mind won't let you sleep, it is having issues with too many brain waves stuck in beta frequency. The science of brainwave entrainment overcomes the beta wave pattern and gently downshifts your brainwaves towards calm (alpha waves) and eventually sleep waves (delta waves). Much of this technology available on music and video platforms is watered down and/or not high quality. I have my own specialty wave generator that I can customize to your needs at no extra cost as your therapist. It has been robustly successful for me and my clientele and has a mountain of research mostly supporting it's effectiveness.

The presence of anxiety, worry, panic and life events tend to keep the brain in beta waves and in fight or flight or freeze and since this is mostly regulated by the autonomic nervous system which places you automatically into sympathetic response which makes any length of healthy and sustained sleep impossible.

The goal is to activate the parasympathetic mechanism by reducing your stressors, having a consistent exercise program, maintaining a proper diet, receiving a regular massage, and/or adopting a lasting practice like yoga and/or meditation, all of which can help sleeping problems and disorders.

Without adequate sleep, you descend into sleep deprivation, a state in which your ability to see your issues and deal with life events is severely impaired as is sound judgment and decision-making. Your cells perform a variety of functions while your mind sleeps that are essential to good health and overall body rejuvenation that if not functioning properly, usually begins a cascade and onset of more stressors in your outer world due to the compromised nature of your coping skills and reactivity, judgment, decision-making and many other abilities. 

For many people, it is hard to overcome their stressors and the like through more conventional methods, which is why I advocate the use of high quality and effective brainwave entrainment utilizing Binaural beats and Isochronic beats set to nature sounds. My custom program can also use white or pink noise if you prefer.