Christine Whittaker, LMFT

(LMFT., Licensed, Marriage, and, Family, Therapist)

About Me

My goal is to help people find meaning and purpose in life, find common pathways between actions and thoughts and create a safe place to find positive solutions. I can find creative ways to approach growth and change in daily lives. For many people, change is difficult, and they cannot move past the barrier of unfamiliar feelings. Together, we find solutions that help move away from anxiety and unfamiliar feelings towards self-confidence.
Empathy, compassion and understanding help to take a relational, non-judgmental approach to my work. I aim to make each client feel accomplishment and strength along with realizing their role in finding positive change. I specialize in helping people improve their relationships, move out of feeling stuck, and reduce their anxiety, depression or anger.
I encourage a non-adversarial approach in identifying individual, risks, needs and strengths to determine where the breakdown in an individual or family occurred in order to strengthen, restructure, reorganize and rebuild. My innate strength of understanding, empathy, compassion, and integrity is my foundation for professional services. My instinctive strengths help in my ability to effectively identify and determine unhealthy individual or family patterns to provide direct, simple and straight forward techniques of communicating are instrumental in helping people stay grounded, focused and validated. I am a kind, empathetic, compassionate and thoughtful therapist with a personality and list of skills that sets me apart.
Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused therapy correspond with my style; However, I prefer to individualize treatment for each client by choosing the specific type of theory or therapy that meets individual, relational or family needs that target the desired outcome of therapy.
I am an experienced, trained and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist specializing in treating more than just mental, emotional or behavioral disorders. My additional training certifies that I am skilled to treat not only the disorder but the impact these disorders have on relationship networks such as social setting, school, dating, marriage relationships and families. My vast experience includes clinically assessing and treating/counseling for couples, families and individuals of all ages, maintaining family and individual safety, counseling for domestic violence and substance abuse, teaching parenting skills, anger management and stress management. Not only am I a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am also a Family Divorce Mediator, Child Custody Evaluator, a Nationally Certified Parent Instructor, Qualified Parent Coordinator, routinely testify as an expert witness, and authored a DCF approved Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course curriculum and actively taught the course.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • LGBT
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting issues
  • Self esteem

I also have experience in Addictions, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Career difficulties, Depression, Coping with life changes

Years of Experience: 8

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Phone

  • Video


LMFT #MT 3108 (Expires: 2021-03-31)


Written by N.O. on Nov 11, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 3 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, self esteem, and coping with life changes

Christine Whittaker is an amazing counselor who was there for me when things in my life got difficult. She helped me establish a good emotional basis that I can now use to build a more solid structure for my life. The tips and exercises she gave me, I now use every day and will continue to practice as time goes on. She puts in a lot of hard work and effort which really shows through our sessions. I would definitely recommend her to anybody that needs their emotional basis reorganized and figured out.

Written by A.M. on Nov 07, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 4 months on issues concerning lgbt, relationship issues, and coping with life changes

Christine is very empathetic, supportive and responsive. She asks great questions that make you think very deeply to understand yourself. She has given me practical tools and strategies that have really helped me to tackle long standing issues with my family relationships. Her support and advice has been enlightening and transformative. I am so grateful for all her help.

Written by A.K. on Nov 07, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 3 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, lgbt, relationship issues, family conflicts, intimacy-related issues, and self esteem

Christine was helpful, responsive, empathetic, and overall a great therapist. She helped me address the issues I wanted to talk about and gain a better understanding about myself and my past. She offered good advice and directed me to lots of good resources.

Written by E.I. on Oct 27, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 3 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and family conflicts

Christine has helped me very much regain control of my life and unravel so much of the depression, anger, pain, hurt and discord within my family to create healthier boundaries and healthier relationships. Highly recommend her!

Written by L.E. on Oct 23, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 2 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, relationship issues, and intimacy-related issues

Amazing therapist. Knowledgeable and listens with empathy. I feel she genuinely cares and has helped me so much.

Written by T.I. on Sep 30, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 4 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and lgbt

Christine is by far the best person I have ever talked to. She’s prompt, smart, consistent, professional, and courteous. I couldn’t have found a better therapist.

Written by Q.A. on Aug 12, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 1 month on issues concerning lgbt, intimacy-related issues, parenting issues, and self esteem

Christine is very considerate and very attentive. The atmosphere that she creates feels really safe and welcoming. I am really thankful that I have her as my therapist.

Written by L.Y. on Aug 10, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 1 week on issues concerning relationship issues

I found Christine very easy to work with. It was the first time I have ever had counseling and I am really glad I did reach out. Talking to someone who is impartial, non-judgmental, who asked questions and offered advice was just what I needed to work through a difficult time. Christine is a great listener and she asks some pretty deep questions which make you think about what's really important. I would highly recommend Christine.

Written by X.I. on Jul 29, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 1 month on issues concerning depression, lgbt, relationship issues, and trauma and abuse

I would totally recommend Christine. She was very supportive and assertive when counseling me. I like that she was attentive and always kept the communication and the conversation flowing. The information that she gave me was very useful and I would have love to keep in her counseling. She is excellent at romantic relationship issues. :-)

Written by D.I. on Jul 26, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 3 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, and self esteem

Christine is an amazing counselor! She understands your problems and the line of thinking very fast and gives incredibly insightful and practical advice. I saw improvement really fast because I was able to actually implement the strategies that she taught me right away. If you want to work with a counselor who listens, understands, and actively supports, Christine is the right choice for you!

Written by H.A. on Jul 14, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 2 weeks on issues concerning relationship issues, and self esteem

Christine was very helpful. She helped me understand my problems in a logical manager and helped me shift my thinking. She's very understanding and is great at listening. I liked how she helped deal with my issue in the moment and taught me how to prevent thinking this way in the future. Thank you so much for all your help!

Written by P.I. on Jul 12, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 6 days on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related issues, sleeping disorders, parenting issues, self esteem, anger management, coping with life changes, and compassion fatigue

Christine was amazing. I previously had really great results with an in-office therapist and while I had my suspensions, I had very high expectations for online counseling because the one thing I struggled with in-office is feeling as though my therapist was unavailable to me until our next scheduled appointment. Christine was very responsive from day one and even if the time didn't show as available for chat, video or call on her calendar, I would let her know it was urgent and she would fit me in. Among many things, she is a great listener and it is obvious she does not judge, cares about what you're feeling, and truly wants to help you. Words can't express how grateful I am for Christine.

Written by M.A. on Jul 10, 2019 after counseling with Christine for 5 days on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, self esteem, and coping with life changes

Christine was very responsive and she took time out to understand what my issues were. She did provide some good insights and great advice regarding the situation I was facing. I will surely remember our discussions. Having someone to listen to you and to provide constructive feedback goes a long way. Thank you Christine.