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Feeling stressed or experiencing high anxiety? Tired of stress and continuous anxiety in your life? Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome stressors and anxieties by ourselves. If you find yourself having difficulties handling life stressors, there are ways to overcome and alleviate what you are going through. We will begin with the problem and we will discuss strategies to resolve your issue, you will then learn how to solve a variety of stressful issues in your life. If you are committed to lowering stress and anxiety levels in your life, contact me to take the first step.
I have over 15 years of direct counseling experience in the areas of anxiety, crisis interventions, domestic violence and relationship therapy. As a licensed therapist, I strive to create an environment that allows clients to learn and grow, so that I can provide feedback and guidance in the context of the therapy session. I specialize in cognitive -behavioral therapy, relational therapy as well as solution-focused therapy in helping individuals understand the importance of lowering stress and anxiety levels. I also specialize in couples therapy to help couples overcome relationship and family conflicts. In addition, I have worked with individuals dealing with sexual issues, addiction issues and grief issues.

I look forward to working with you!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Self esteem

I also have experience in Addictions, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related issues, Eating disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Depression

Years of Experience: 15

Services Offered

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LMHC #005132 (Expires: 2020-10-31)

LPC #37PC00459100 (Expires: 2020-11-30)

LPC #0701007866 (Expires: 2020-06-30)


Written by N.A. on Feb 17, 2018 after counseling with Dinelly for 4 months on issues concerning relationship, family, and trauma and abuse

I have been working with Dr. Holder for a bit more than a few months now. My life is continually going in an upward direction. She is kind, encouraging and positive. She does a good job at helping me deal with difficult family/workplace/other situations and to deal with my emotions in healthier ways.

Written by H.O on Mar 29, 2017 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 month on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, and career

Dr. Holder was exactly the type of person I needed when I was going through
something I felt I couldn't burned my friends and family with. I felt she
was very professional in her response to me. She was great at confidence
building and she showed me the negative way I viewed myself and what steps
to take in order to start loving myself again. She was very patient with me
and I felt like she really understood where I was coming from, which made
it easier for me to work on a lot of tough issues, I may otherwise have
ignored or shied away from.

Most importantly I feel like she really cares about her clients. When I
look back during those dark months I will always be grateful to Dr. Holder
for her relentless compassion and guidance in helping me understand myself
better and arming me with skills to help me live a happier life.

Thank you to betterhelp.com also.

Written by E.L on Jan 12, 2017 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 month

Dr. Holder is very nice and helpful. She's easily available in case of need. For sure I suggest her !!

Written by A.M on Dec 16, 2016 after counseling with Dinelly for 2 days on issues concerning relationship, grief, and intimacy-related

Dr. Holder is such a nice, understanding person. She helped me deal with some tough decisions. She is very understanding and pays close attention to the problem and comes up with best solutions. If I was in a stressful situation, I would definitely talk with her.

Written by R.A on Dec 02, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 2 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, career, and depression

I have been speaking with Dr. Holder for three months now. She has been such a valuable sounding board. I had been struggling with low self-esteem and indecision in career planning, and Dr. Holder really helped me to recognize and appreciate my accomplishments and break down my goals into manageable steps. I feel so much more content with my current situation as a stay-at-home mother, and feel very excited about the steps I plan to take towards a career. Thank you, Dr. Holder!

Written by B.I on Dec 02, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 month

Dr. Holder has been great! She's really informative, and her answers are intuitive and genuine. She makes you feel at ease right away.

Written by J. on Nov 05, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 month on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, sleeping, self esteem, career, and depression

Dr. Holder was a very positive, upbeat therapist. Really great for working with someone who can be extremely negative - seeing the glass half empty (me). She had concrete ideas and suggestions that were manageable and I saw results within a few days. While I had to discontinue my account, I would have liked to continue working with her. To this day I continue to draw on the conversations we had, implementing real strategies that have helped me feel better and made daily life a little easier.

Written by K.A on Oct 22, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 3 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, intimacy-related, parenting, self esteem, anger, career, and depression

Dr Holder is very thoughtful in her responses and has a good sense for the underlying emotions at play. I have enjoyed the conversations I have had with her.

Written by A.L on Oct 21, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 6 months on issues concerning family, grief, and self esteem

I had been thinking of getting some counseling over the past few years. I had been struggling with the loss of my Mother and having to deal with a messy situation with my sister. I saw something for Better Help online and decided to check out the services offered. I was immediately paired with Dr.Holder and. she has been wonderful! I wasn't sure what to expect and I have to say that It's been very comfortable and easy to communicate with her. She makes sure that I know that she is hearing what I'm saying, and she will give me perspective when I may not be seeing the bigger picture. I couldn't be more pleased, and I really look forward to see where this may lead. Thank You Dr. Holder!

Written by Z.I on Oct 19, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 week on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, and depression

I am writing in order to compliment Dr. Holder's work with me. I have been using your service and so communicating with Dr. Holder for the last week and it was of huge help to me. Especially, given the fact that normally you can't discuss your matters so quickly when you make an eye-to-eye walk in appointments once a week. Our communication was intense during this period and I feel that I was able to cover a variety of topics with Dr. Holder and get help out of it. She made me feel more confident and I am now able to try and sort my issues out on my own. This is a huge different to where I was a week ago, all frustrated and confused. Thank you once again to Better Help team and especially to Dr. Holder.

Written by D.A on Oct 16, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 11 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship, and grief

Dr. Holder's approach to counseling is fantastic. Her dynamic response times were incredible and I felt as if everything I was relaying to her, was clearly understood and addressed. Dr. Holder helped me sift through a lot of extraneous issues that had previously been clouding my decisions to reluctant action. I highly recommend Dr. Holder to those with relationship issues that seem convoluted, but simply need someone to listen, care and advise.

Written by A.N on Oct 14, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 2 weeks

Dr. Holder is a very encouraging counselor. She pushes you just enough to challenge you but not enough to discourage you. I really appreciate the way she asks a lot of questions to make sure she understands you and your situation. She responds to messages very quickly. I think this counseling format is really helpful for people who may have social anxiety or health problems that make face-to-face counseling difficult.

Written by P.A on Oct 13, 2015 after counseling with Dinelly for 1 week

I was very happy with the help that Dr. Holder was able to offer me and it was great to have someone who was able to understand my need for spiritual support and direction. I am unable to continue working with her, because of finances at this time, but I know she will understand this and know that I need to do this to follow the plan of action we discussed. I know that sometime in the future I may need to reach out again. When and if this occurs,I will definitely return to betterhelp. Thank you for all you do.