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Asking for help when you need it requires courage and responsibility. I am a NYS licensed psychologist, with more than 6 years in practice, specializing in treating children and adults. I will help you regain feelings of strength, security and comfort in your daily life. I partner with my clients to analyze their behavior, thoughts and feelings and to help them develop a more centered, calm and balanced position in their life.

I have a doctoral degree in psychology from Princeton Unicersity, and I practice at Therapy Center of New York ( http://www.therapycenterofny.com ).
For more than 6 years, I have been working with adults treating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. I have been also conducting couples therapy and working on parenting issues (addressing issues such as sibling rivalry, parental divorce, and behavior management).

My approach is client based. I evaluate my client's individual needs, and then combine in-depth analyses used in Psycho-dynamics therapy as well as practical methods and applications provided by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, depending on what works best for each unique client.
I also provide short term solution-focused therapy, for people, who are under stress or feeling overwhelmed with their current situation.

Whether your symptoms are triggered by your current situation or stem from your long term personal history, we can work together to find the unique approach which will address your specific symptoms and history to increase your self-awareness and equip you with the necessary coping skills which ultimately will help you arrive at a better place in your life.

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