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 Judith Peterson (MA,LPC) Latest review for: Judith Peterson (MA,LPC)
A.D. wrote 1 day ago:

"Judith is patient and shows a lot of depth in our conversations which has helped me significantly. Glad to be working with her."

 Tara Wells (LCSW) Latest review for: Tara Wells (LCSW)
E.M. wrote 1 day ago:

"Tara is so kind and attentive. She’s helped me improve my mental health so much and has helped me on my journey to healing and forgiving others and myself. "

 Zach Bruns (LPC,SAC) Latest review for: Zach Bruns (LPC,SAC)
L.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"Zach has given me great perspective and because of that, I feel like I’ve grown so much since starting therapy with him. He’s a great listener and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!"

 Mario Arias (LCSW,MCAP) Latest review for: Mario Arias (LCSW,MCAP)
K.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Mario really eased me into the sessions gently and sensitively which for me, being new to therapy, was highly important. "

 DeVaunier Cannon (LCSW) Latest review for: DeVaunier Cannon (LCSW)
E.M. wrote 2 days ago:

"DeVaunier Cannon is an incredible therapist. She’s helped me grow and get to know myself more in 8 months than I have in my entire lifetime. "

 Charlo Jordan (LCSW) Latest review for: Charlo Jordan (LCSW)
A.N. wrote 2 days ago:

"Charlo has been a great listener and easy to build a rapport with. He makes me feel very comfortable and makes it easy to share hard things."

 Symatri Miller (M.Ed,LPC) Latest review for: Symatri Miller (M.Ed,LPC)
A.R. wrote 3 days ago:

"Symatri has been kind, open minded and direct. I enjoyed my time working with her and appreciated the homework and connection outside sessions."

 Erin Booth (MSW,LISW-S) Latest review for: Erin Booth (MSW,LISW-S)
K.E. wrote 4 days ago:

"Erin is great. She listens to everything you say and is very observant. She is very knowledgeable and resourceful. She has helped me a lot and I’m very grateful for her. "