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 Dr. Park (Ph.D.,R.N.) Latest review for: Dr. Tricia Park (Ph.D.,R.N.)
P.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"Dr. Park is caring and understanding. She is open minded and intuitive and provides guidance when appropriate."

 Monica Swayne (LCSW) Latest review for: Monica Swayne (LCSW)
T.R. wrote 1 day ago:

"Dr. Monica is superb. She listens. She is mindful in her approach. Her skill is unmatched and appreciated! I am beyond grateful to have been connected with her."

 Wendy Jaffa (MSW,LCSQl) Latest review for: Wendy Jaffa (MSW,LCSQl)
P.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Wendy Is attentive and you know that she wants you to be successful in your mental health journey-"

 Sheena Baker (LCSW) Latest review for: Sheena Baker (LCSW)
L.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Sheena Baker has helped me connect so many dots! There have been several aha moments in our sessions. She gently guides me and gently pushed me to expand my views."

 Shironda Bryant (M. Ed.,LCMHC) Latest review for: Shironda Bryant (M. Ed.,LCMHC)
L.E. wrote 2 days ago:

"Shironda is what I've been looking in a therapist. She allows me to have a voice in my therapy sessions and hears my concerns. I'm grateful for her. "

 Debra Hutz (LPC,NCC) Latest review for: Debra Hutz (LPC,NCC)
A.L. wrote 2 days ago:

"Debra can really pick up what is really bothering me instead of what I say. I trust that she will give me long lasting advice that I can carry over to other issues that may come up. "

 Toni Manzione (LCSW,LCADC) Latest review for: Toni Manzione (LCSW,LCADC)
C.H. wrote 3 days ago:

"Toni is a great listener & super informative. She's helped me overcome my anxiety a ton since starting therapy a couple weeks ago."

 Morgan Johnson (LCSW,PEL) Latest review for: Morgan Johnson (LCSW,PEL)
W.H. wrote 3 days ago:

"Morgan is absolutely wonderful. She's the ear and heart I needed in my life that I didn't know I was missing. "