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borderline personality disorder
 Lilly  Nelson  Maxwell (MSW,BHSC,LICSW.                                                              ) Latest review for: Lilly Nelson Maxwell (MSW,BHSC,LICSW. )
W.I. wrote 1 day ago:

"Lilly might be the first therapist I've ever had that actually made me feel heard and understood. She is very patient and insightful and genuinely cares for her clients. "

 DeWanda Gichemi (LMSW,IPT-A) Latest review for: DeWanda Gichemi (LMSW,IPT-A)
D.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"DeWanda is an amazing counselor! I am so very blessed to have found her. I LOVE the fact that she is very spiritual and she has helped me grow spiritually as well. "

 Rachel Marshall (LPCC) Latest review for: Rachel Marshall (LPCC)
J.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"Rachel is amazing! Shes helped me with so much, confidence and being able to heal from a lot of things. I’m so grateful for her guidance and insight."

 Jesus Jasso (LPC) Latest review for: Jesus Jasso (LPC)
E.R. wrote 1 day ago:

"He is amazing so far. Cant wait to continue my therapy with him. He has given me so many ideas and ways to work around my problems. "

 Rebecca Salazar (LCSW,MARE) Latest review for: Rebecca Salazar (LCSW,MARE)
A.L. wrote 1 day ago:

"Rebecca is very compassionate and well rounded in her expertise. She’s very kind, easy to talk to, all the while informative and helpful in tending to your specific needs."

 Yohalinny Veloz (LCSW) Latest review for: Yohalinny Veloz (LCSW)
I.R. wrote 1 day ago:

"I find Yohalinny to be a great listener, very compassionate, and extremely non-judgmental. It has been a pleasure having her as a counselor through some difficult life situations."

 Anita Jordan (LCSW) Latest review for: Anita Jordan (LCSW)
J.E. wrote 2 days ago:

"Anita is great. She has a great aura and I feel safe telling her about my personal history. My friend recommended the service and I feel lucky to have matched up with someone like Anita."

 Jeff Helms (MS,LCMHC,NCC) Latest review for: Jeff Helms (MS,LCMHC,NCC)
C.L. wrote 3 days ago:

"Jeff is a great therapist, very willing to help out in any way possible. He listens very well and offers ways to help you out and provides material to look over. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is needing help."