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 Yvonne Heim (M.S., LPC,LCDC) Latest review for

Yvonne Heim

S.H. wrote 1 day ago:

I LOVE Yvonne. She’s been the key in helping me heal and identify triggers in my life. I’m so grateful for her.

 Sheryl  Essenmacher  (LMSW) Latest review for

Sheryl Essenmacher

P.A. wrote 1 day ago:

An incredibly wise and understanding human being. And an extremely competent and talented therapist.

 Patrice Stamos (LCSW) Latest review for

Patrice Stamos

J.U. wrote 1 day ago:

Patty is wonderful. A great listener with a gentle touch who understands that most people just need to get things out.

 Lawrence Matheny (M.Ed.,LPC,LMFT) Latest review for

Lawrence Matheny

J.E. wrote 1 day ago:

Lawrence was very helpful when it came to reassuring me that my reactions to some unfortunate news was normal. He also provided many options to help me deal with these reactions. I would recommend him to others.

 Dr. Sawyer (DSW,LCSW) Latest review for

Dr. Terri Sawyer

J.A. wrote 1 day ago:

Terri is WONDERFUL! She is thoughtful, compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and provides a safe space to explore things deeply. She has been so helpful on my healing journey!

 Jo Ann McClure (MS, LPC) Latest review for

Jo Ann McClure

M.L. wrote 1 day ago:

Jo Ann's sessions are intellectually stimulating, soul soothing, and she gives me right the tools to manage stressful situations, which is exactly what I need. I'd recommend her any time !

 Jason Adams (MA, LPC, NCC) Latest review for

Jason Adams

V.E. wrote 2 days ago:

Jason is really great! I had tried many therapists before but never felt as comfortable as I do with him. Definitely am so happy I found betterhelp and Jason

 Amanda Downs (LCSW) Latest review for

Amanda Downs

A.N. wrote 2 days ago:

Amanda is wonderful. She has helped me through a really challenging time in my life, and helped me become a better person in all situations. I will always be grateful for our time together. I couldn't have done it without her.