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 Juleen Chiaradonna (LCSW,LICSW) Latest review for: Juleen Chiaradonna (LCSW,LICSW)
V.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Juleen provides perspective that I couldn't see for myself. She has been so kind and supportive to me. I'm so thankful for her!"

 Elaine Messarra (MS,LPC) Latest review for: Elaine Messarra (MS,LPC)
E.L. wrote 1 day ago:

"Elaine is so caring and is an amazing listener. She asks the right questions and gives great advice. I’d recommend her to my friends in a heartbeat "

 Michael Cotter (LPC,CCTP,NCC) Latest review for: Michael Cotter (LPC,CCTP,NCC)
J.E. wrote 3 days ago:

"Michael is a very good listener, deeply knowledgeable and insightful. He’s definitely helped me a lot in my efforts to be a better person to my family and loved ones. "

 Lisa Marie Schimski (MS,LMHC) Latest review for: Lisa Marie Schimski (MS,LMHC)
J.A. wrote 3 days ago:

"Lisa is the first counselor I've ever seen and she has really helped me manage my anxiety and OCD. I really appreciate her flexibility and compassion :)"

 Mark Rogers (LMHC,Supervisor (RMHCI),ADHD-CCSP) Latest review for: Mark Rogers (LMHC,Supervisor (RMHCI),ADHD-CCSP)
J.U. wrote 4 days ago:

"Mark immediately began offering me suggestions to better develop tools aimed toward attaining my therapy goals. I felt empowered from the first consultation."

 Annita Coburn (LMFT) Latest review for: Annita Coburn (LMFT)
O.I. wrote 4 days ago:

"Out of all of the counselors I’ve had, Annita has been the biggest blessing of a therapist there is. She could understand your mindset and give you lesson to help heal you as a person. "

 Jonathan White (LPCC) Latest review for: Jonathan White (LPCC)
S.U. wrote 5 days ago:

"Jonathan is always so supportive and very attentive to what I'm saying. He provides great insight on what I'm going through and has really helped me to get to a better place. I would recommend him to everyone."

 Adrienne Norwood (LPHA, LISW-CPS,LCSWS) Latest review for: Adrienne Norwood (LPHA, LISW-CPS,LCSWS)
L.A. wrote 5 days ago:

"Adrienne is absolutely great! She’s caring and kind. She really takes time to discuss issues. "