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About Me

Do you feel like you could use some extra support and compassion during this unprecedented time? Do you ever feel lonely and wish you had someone to lean on? Is the thought of having to get dressed, put on a mask, and drive to a location for therapy overwhelming? If so, then you have found the right match with online therapy. As your therapist, I will provide confidentiality, a safe space, positive support, compassion, professional resources, non-judgmental listening, and helpful techniques/skills.

I have been licensed for 11 years. After receiving my Masters Degree and my Masters Plus certificate from Loyola University in Baltimore, MD, I gained over 3,000 clinical hours working in a variety of settings. Once I became fully licensed as an independent practitioner, I narrowed my focus of interest on those in crisis in a partial hospitalization program. I have worked in the following settings throughout the course of my career thus far:
Community Mental Health Center (Individual, group, family)
Government funded program (Shelter Plus Care)
Forensics (Maximum security prison for men with severe mental illnesses)
Inpatient Locked Psychiatric Unit at Hospital in Baltimore, MD
Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs (Group, individual, community education)
I also worked as a massage therapist before beginning my Masters program in Psychology and while attending the program. My training as a massage therapist has assisted me with understanding the physiology of the human body, how trauma affects the body, and how to help clients work with their own physiology in order to effectively practice relaxation techniques, grounding, emotion regulation, stress management, and mindfulness.

I look at each client as a whole person. Depending on the individual needs of each client, I utilize a variety of methods of therapy. I help the person understand his or her problem as it becomes clearer, thus empowering him/her toward autonomy. The most important goal for me as a therapist is to build a strong therapeutic alliance. I utilize the client-therapist relationship to serve as a corrective model for patients who are experiencing difficulties in relationships in their own lives. I focus on object relations, attachment style, and cognitive distortions. I teach methods of self regulation, such as deep breathing/ positive visualization. I also teach clients how to recognize and eventually re-word cognitive distortions as well as learn a variety of coping skills. I help clients find their strengths and accept their limitations. Depending on the client’s needs, I will either work from a top-down or bottom-up approach in order to assist the client in managing emotional dysregulation and/or in tolerating distress.

Outside of session, I encourage clients to engage in journal writing, reading, art, exercise, meditation/prayer, and mindfulness activities. I believe that therapy continues outside of our sessions, meaning that I will assign “homework” to complete outside of our sessions. In the counseling sessions following these activities conducted outside of the therapeutic session, we will briefly discuss the activity or activities engaged in and the client's experience related to the activity or activities. I have worked hard in my career and on my own mental health and I will help you do the work you need to feel better. I truly believe that if you want to feel better and get results, you must be willing to do the work.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Grief
  • Self esteem
  • Depression
Also experienced in:
Addictions , LGBT , Relationship issues , Family conflicts , Sleeping disorders , Parenting issues , Anger management , Career difficulties , Bipolar disorder , Coping with life changes , Compassion fatigue , ADHD , Read more...

Clinical approaches:
Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Trauma-Focused Therapy

Years of Experience: 11

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Phone

  • Video


LCPC #CC4464 (Expires: 2023-01-31)


Written by T.R. on Feb 23, 2021 after counseling with Holly for 5 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, intimacy-related issues, coping with life changes, and compassion fatigue

Holly's methods and knowledge goes beyond normal counseling. She's a compass of Hope. Greatful for counselors of her caliber.

Written by J.A. on Feb 01, 2021 after counseling with Holly for 4 months on issues concerning depression, relationship issues, and self esteem

Holly showed genuine care in my wellbeing and enthusiasm toward my progress. We kept regular weekly video sessions and I did also reach out to her over messaging. She always responded timely. Holly has always been good about helping me work through my emotions, helping me to set goals for my self and my relationships. She is a caring and attentive listener and consistently showed up as an ally. Highly recommend (:

Written by T.O. on Jan 20, 2021 after counseling with Holly for 4 months on issues concerning anger management

I’ve found working with Holly Carletti to be powerful and effective. On top of being a wonderful person, she is very quick to grasp issues or questions I have and providing what is needed. Resources, exercises, actions to be taken, etc. I am very much pleased with the progress I have made and hope to continue working with her.

Written by K.I. on Jan 18, 2021 after counseling with Holly for 2 months on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, grief, self esteem, anger management, bipolar disorder, and adhd

Holly is a very creative therapist. She’s helped me look at things with a different perspective and I found answers that never occurred to me in regards to sleep issues and behavioral patterns.
She listens to you when you’re talking and offers advice and/ or solutions, she doesn’t just nod her head, she actually participates in your therapy! She shows up. She’s never pulled a no call no show on me. If there’s a scheduling issue, she’ll work with you and work it out.
Overall, I think Holly engages well, is insightful, tries to think outside the box when standard care doesn’t work to help come up with answers or solutions. She very willing to work with your PCP or other health care professionals to find solutions too. I would recommend her as a therapist.

Written by H.A. on Dec 12, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 3 months on issues concerning family conflicts

Holly is wonderful! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her—I highly recommend working with her. She helped me this past Fall understand how and why I felt the way I did. Working with her, I learned a lot about myself and how I interact with family and friends.

Written by G.R. on Nov 25, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 2 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, and coping with life changes

Holly has been a pleasure to work with via BetterHelp. She is insightful and experienced while also extremely kind and passionate about her patients. She often teaches me clinical or psychological terms and concepts to help me give a name to what I’m experiencing. I would highly recommend Holly as your therapist!

Written by S.H. on Nov 20, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 2 months on issues concerning grief

Holly is compassionate and experienced. Talking with her helps me navigate grief and depression so I can live my life and be the best version of myself.

Written by M.I. on Nov 04, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 1 month on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting issues, self esteem, anger management, and coping with life changes

Holly was so helpful to me in processing difficult circumstances. She is compassionate and encouraging and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Written by T.A. on Sep 30, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and self esteem

Thank you Holly for always being there and reaching out right at the exact times when I need you and being supportive and very understanding what I’m going through and really listening and letting me just get it all out thank you so much for being a caring and kind person!

Written by T.E. on Sep 23, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, bipolar disorder, coping with life changes, coaching, compassion fatigue, and adhd

Very very welcoming and the sea back that I get from my own input is very helpful so far highly recommended

Written by H.U. on Sep 17, 2020 after counseling with Holly for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and coping with life changes

I just recently started talking with Holly and she has really helped me put things into perspective. I plan on talking with her more often about multiple aspects of my life. I would highly recommend her.