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Greetings and welcome.
My name is Kevin Brown and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Montana. If you're reading this, it tells me you are at a point in your life path that you are recognizing that something needs to change. Maybe life is confusing, challenging, you're experiencing personal hardship and struggle, or relationships, work or other areas of your life are becoming difficult to manage. We all get to a point in which the pressure or stress of our present circumstances begins to bear heavily enough on us that we recognize the need to change. If there's one thing that we as humans have difficulty with, is making those changes in an effective and meaningful way to the greatest of benefit to ourselves, our family friends and to the world at large.
I am here to offer assistance in that endeavor. Whether you have been struggling for a long while with issues like depression, anxiety, past trauma, relationship or family challenges, or are at a point in life in which you are experiencing a great degree of stress or change and are having difficulty coping with that, I am here to assist you through it. Even if you are simply at a point in which you feel a vague need for "something more" and are endeavoring on a path of personal growth, I am here to help.
I provide a down-to-earth counseling style that offers you a safe space to begin recognizing, speaking to, and processing whatever is most difficult right now. I operate from the idea that "Life challenges aren't here to punish you but to awaken you." We will work together to help you find perspective, gain skills to manage present distress, feel supported, and process underlying issues that can keep you stuck in repeating and painful patterns and contribute to a present experience of suffering. One thing I find important to remember is that, whatever is causing us pain right now is: 1) worthy of our attention, 2)generally nothing to be ashamed of, and 3) can be best worked through with effective support from another.
In regards my professional experience, I received Master's level training from the University of Montana in mental health counseling. I provide a "person-centered" approach that allows you to be you with whatever it is that's of present concern. Additionally, I have been trained in somatic forms of therapy like Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and EMDR. These approaches generally recognize the need to incorporate the awareness of our body's experience as connected to our mental well-being, i.e. the inherent connectedness of our "mind-body" and can effectively support trauma processing and resolution. I have worked in the mental health field for the past ten years, providing outpatient counseling and psychotherapy to mostly adults and teens and have worked with a range of life issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationship problems, adjustment, grief and loss, sense of self and identity issues, lifestyle issues, and even more significant issues like bipolar, psychosis, hallucinations, and other more organic mental health conditions.
In addition to providing safe space to begin exploring present concerns or issues, I offer various approaches to assist with your own self-study, self-awareness, personal skill development, and ways to approach and process present distress and past trauma. I've found that mindfulness skills can be invaluable in being able to stay present with our current experience rather than continue to try and avoid and distract ourselves from whatever it is that is causing us pain. The better able we are in recognizing our symptoms, triggers and how they are manifesting in our body sensations, thoughts and feelings, the better able we are to allow our experiences to simply happen, express, and move through without causing us feelings of shame, distress, conflict or personal suffering.
Please feel free to connect with me if you think we may be a good fit, if you have any questions about my approach and how it may benefit you, or would like to know more about anything that caught your attention about what I've written here. I am always happy to connect whether we end up working together or not.
I wish you the very best on your journey, and hope that whatever road you take, you find peace, fulfillment, and ease in your travels.
All my best,

Kevin Brown


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Coping with life changes

I also have experience in Addictions, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Intimacy-related issues, Sleeping disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Coaching, Compassion fatigue, ADHD

Years of Experience: 8

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LCPC #BBH-LCPC-LIC-4548 (Expires: 2019-12-31)

LPCC #CCMH0202751 (Expires: 2020-09-30)


Written by A.L. on May 17, 2019 after counseling with Kevin for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and self esteem

I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Kevin and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to better themselves on any level. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable and consistently offers a valuable perspective with meaningful insight. He really listens and makes you feel understood.

Written by T.I. on May 16, 2019 after counseling with Kevin for 2 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, intimacy-related issues, and self esteem

Kevin is an excellent counselor! He listens to what you are saying and actually cares. He’s not dismissive and takes you seriously. It’s like having a conversation with a close friend but his response is truly helpful, applicable, and effective in whatever you may be experiencing in your life. I learned much about myself and people around me through him. I can’t thank him enough.

Written by N.I. on Apr 19, 2019 after counseling with Kevin for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, grief, intimacy-related issues, and self esteem

Kevin has been instrumental in my sanity in the breakdown of my marriage in these initial stages of separation. He has helped guide my train of thought out of deep crisis and shock into some clarity.

Written by J.E. on Apr 14, 2019 after counseling with Kevin for 2 weeks on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and abuse, grief, sleeping disorders, self esteem, and coping with life changes

It is my belief that Mr. Brown is an excellent counselor. In the time I have been working with him, I see how he reads between the lines of what I'm saying and pinpoints what I'm feeling with great accuracy. He presents his insights with support and respect and always asks how I feel about what he says. He seems capable and well equipped to help me navigate the issues I'm dealing with and that in and of itself gives me a lot of reassurance that I can come out of my own head and back into my life again.