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About Me

Greetings! My name is Mark Jeremy Trybulski. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, MFC53284. I currently am attending California Southern University to obtain my PsyD in Psychology.

I live in Palm Springs with my adorably sweet Maltese, Lulu. I am very focused on balancing my life with work, school, family and friends, and enjoying life one day at a time.
I practice one of two types of "therapies". I can work with my client as a Life Coach, or as a Psychotherapist. As a Life Coach, we focus on today, and how we can make it a better tomorrow. As a Psychotherapist, we delve into past events, relate them to today and how they can be used to live a happier, healthier new life.

I see individuals and couples. My two therapeutic models of choice are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy. A Psychodynamic Theory is a view that explains personality in terms of conscious and unconscious forces, such as unconscious desires and beliefs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps a client understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors. I have an extensive background in addiction therapy, gay and lesbian issues/concerns (I am gay, myself), HIV/AIDS, Dual Diagnosis (specifically, Bipolar and Depression), Crisis Intervention, and just plain LIFE.

My therapeutic model follows along with the flexible and relatable type of lifestyle I lead. I don't rely on formalities in session, but rather an atmosphere of safety, comfortableness, sharing, and learning. As a therapist, I believe it is important for my clients to realize that we are all equals in life. And, I realize that, through circumstance and at any time, I could be the person sitting next to me. We, all, have life issues to share - both good and bad. And it is important that we have someone who will hear us and understand our concerns. All of us strive to be the happiest and healthiest we can be with what we know. But when we get stuck in the rut of trying to do better and not having the success we desire, it is important to hear another perspective. Perspectives are like clothing; try it on and see if it fits. If it does, wonderful. Wear it in good health. If not, take it back and get a new outfit. There is one for everyone out there, it just takes a little work to find the one that fits you.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."
– Tony Robbins


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • LGBT
  • Relationship
  • Depression

I also have experience in Addictions, Family, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related, Eating, Sleeping, Parenting, Anger, Self esteem, Career, Bipolar

Years of Experience: 18


LMFT #MFC53284 (Expires: 2018-12-31)


Written by T.I. on Sep 16, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 weeks relationship, family, and anger

In a very short time, Jeremy has helped me immensely! I look forward to his guidance, wisdom and support. And this comes from a life long therapy skeptic.

Written by N.I. on Sep 14, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 4 months depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, intimacy-related, parenting, and self esteem

This has been life changing for me. Mark-Jeremy, has been a counselor, a friend, an ear and much more. The sessions are never uncomfortable and always, help you get what you need.
He is not just a great counselor, he is a great person. He's extremely fun to talk to, and helps with every issue you can imagine. He never judges, but does give his opinion. It's nice sharing things from an outside perspective.
Mark-Jeremy has helped me change my life and been amazing!!
Thank you! So much!

Written by K.I. on Aug 28, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, anger, and career

Mark, you are amazing.

Written by S.T. on Jul 28, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, intimacy-related, sleeping, anger, career, and bipolar

Mark is great. He is a good listener and really tries to help you in the best way possible. He stresses that we are a team together.

Written by G.R. on Jun 27, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 6 months depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, relationship, intimacy-related, self esteem, and career

I have been completely impressed with and wholly satisfied with Mr. Trybulski's services up to this point. Of all the ways I might characterize Mark-Jeremy, I would say that first and foremost, he is highly-qualified, and secondly, that he is very comfortable and a pleasure to engage with. Through our online message-based sessions, Mark-Jeremy has shown a patient willingness to be both my ally and trusted mentor on my particular issues, and I've always been able to count on him to speak from his breadth of clinical experience, as well as from his heart in ways that continually seem to connect with my own personal way of looking at the world--from my eyes. He is open, honest, compassionate, and goal-oriented to work with me in understanding the complex nature of my unique concerns, and he always seems successful in innocuously nudging me in the direction of empowering *myself* to develop strategies that ultimately work for me. I'd recommend Mr. Trybulski for virtually anyone, and I happily look forward to continuing our sessions until they have run their fateful course.

Written by C.H. on May 04, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 1 month depression, stress, anxiety, and grief

Attentive, responsive and insightful! Helps you focus on the positives in life and living in the present moment. His questions are thoughtful and helpful in understanding the areas of your life where you may need guidance. I highly recommend him!

Written by A.N. on Apr 03, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 months depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, intimacy-related, sleeping, and career

I'm glad I have reached out and found Mark-Jeremy here. Initially he gave me warm and friendly support, which I couldn't give to myself and now he is encouraging me to spend more time on journaling and discovering things on my own. His support means a lot to me and I have experienced changes in the way I think about myself and interpret reality.

Written by S.O on Mar 27, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, sleeping, parenting, and career

I have had many therapist in my life. He is by far the most kind, understanding, patient, connects to his patients, easy to talk to, and gets down to the underlining problems. I can't say that I've trusted a therapist more than Mark. Which makes it easier to bring down my massive brick walls when talking to him. Within a short amount of time, he has been able to help me with multiple things I have been tying to work on and figure out. Super thankful to have found a therapist like Mark.

Written by M.E on Feb 15, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 4 months depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, grief, intimacy-related, parenting, self esteem, and anger

Mark is kind and quick to help. He has a good perspective and great advise. I have really appreciated his view and help.

Written by J.O on Feb 09, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, and self esteem

Mark is very thorough. He will ask a lot of questions and try to understand where you come from. He 'hits the spot' with his responses and always strives to make you think of the healthiest option for yourself. I highly recommend his services!

Written by M.E on Feb 01, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 1 week depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, grief, self esteem, and career

Mark Jeremy is great. He comes at things from a place of non-judgement, and has the ability to ask you questions that reframe how you approach the problem.

Written by G.A on Jan 25, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, lgbt, relationship, family, and self esteem

Mark-Jeremy is exactly what I needed! He is wise and clever. When I am in doubt, he is the loud voice in my head that's giving me strength and power to live my life as I should be.

Written by A.D on Jan 11, 2017 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 days relationship

Mark is wonderful. When I was in crisis, he was the compassionate voice of reason I needed. He helped me work through a very difficult time, providing insight and guidance. He provided me with simple but powerful tools to navigate a difficult time. I am, and will always be grateful for his help.

Written by G.E on Nov 09, 2016 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 5 months stress, anxiety, addictions, grief, and depression

I'll say this - Mark is patient.

Written by F.R on Oct 10, 2015 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks

Mark is the first therapist to give me the time and the tools I needed to succeed. All around awesome human being and excellent therapist!

Written by D.E on Mar 26, 2015 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 6 months stress, anxiety, family, trauma and abuse, grief, intimacy-related, self esteem, and depression

I've been to SO many therapists.....what or how was Jeremy going to be different?

BAM! He is! THank God. He comes up with answer to my life that makes since! In a way that no one has thought of.
His easy care free nature makes me comfortable so I can really talk with him about things in my life!
Thank goodness for Jeremy helping me!

Written by U.L on Feb 07, 2015 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 2 months stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, relationship, family, self esteem, career, sleeping, and depression

I don't know what I'd do without Mark. It helps to have someone to discuss those walls in life. He answers promptly to what I post and it's just a great feeling to have someone there to hear you out during trying times. It can be challenging trying to get the thoughts out onto the page but this process is becoming a good habit to help glide along in life

Written by C.H on Feb 06, 2015 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, self esteem, bipolar, and depression

Jeremy was easy to communicate with. He gave me some helpful insights regarding why I was being so critical of myself. He was encouraging and answered my sessions promptly. I would recommend his help if you are willing to be open and discuss life issues frankly.

Written by T.A on Oct 22, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 4 weeks trauma and abuse

I am in a confusing time in my life and have more than several concerns, and he has singlehandedly helped me feel more "normal" and like I can overcome my problems more than anyone I've ever met. He always responds in a timely manner with relevant thoughts and ideas.

Written by B.A on Sep 08, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, sleeping, and depression

Mark is an awesome therapist. Mark has great insight great sincerity.& honest passion. Mark listens and helps get to the heart of things quickly

Written by T.R on Aug 27, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 1 month stress, anxiety, eating, sleeping, self esteem, anger, and depression

I have a lot of anger issues. Mr. Trybulski is wonderful at helping me sort my thoughts and calm down. Mr. Trybulski responds honestly, quickly, and thoroughly. I would high recommend his care to any of my loved ones.

Written by M.I on Aug 19, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 1 month stress, anxiety, self esteem, and depression

Thank you Mark, for your help and advice.
I appreciate your help and concern as well
throughout this difficult time of adjustment for me .

Written by M.A on Aug 18, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks lgbt, family, intimacy-related, eating, sleeping, parenting, self esteem, anger, career, and bipolar

Very down to Earth and caring and attentive. He has helped me more in 2 weeks than someone else did in 3 years. Feels like you are talking with your best friend but one who has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to stear you in the right direction. Highly recommended.

Written by C.H on Aug 04, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, parenting, self esteem, and depression

Mark Jeremy Trybulski has been the hand up that I've needed. While we've really only scratched the surface of me and my life, he's been the one thing I really needed, an unjudgmental ear. His responses, advice and recommendations are grounded in life, real life. They aren't lofty ideals, but rather reminders and action items to take forward with me into my life. We've only just begun our journey together, but I know this was where I was supposed to end up.

Written by S.C on Aug 03, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, and depression

From the very first post Mark has been more helpful and to the point than any other counselor I have worked with. No time wasted in digressions into asking my childhood. All perceptive, immediately useful stuff. I infer that this is his might put off some people but I'm thriving on it. I got a particular kick out of his fiery almost indignant insistence on giving me positive strokes for doing well. Made me feel like I have an advocate for my doing well. And all of this is happening through online posts that I can write exactly at the time I feel them -- I'm delighted that counseling online is working so well.

Written by K.A on Jul 30, 2014 after counseling with Mark-Jeremy for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, anger, career, and depression

Mark and I have just started getting to know each other, but so far he is great! If I don't write for a couple days, he is super diligent about checking up on me, which makes me feel like I'm more than some anonymous person giving money to the site. He makes me feel safe and secure and open. I am thrilled to have been paired with him.