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Updated November 3, 2020

Medically Reviewed By Aaron Horn

You can't talk about working with BetterHelp therapists, without talking about the experienced and licensed professionals that provide the support that people are looking for... that is, THEIR therapists.

The more than 13,000 therapists currently available on the platform should be recognized as professionals who are licensed practitioners. There are many different types of therapists (in-office or otherwise) that are able to help our users that are dealing with a variety of important concerns at a time and location best suited for the user.

Our experienced therapists help those who are having mental health and wellness problems, dealing with marriage and family concerns, or other challenges in life. For example, if someone has depression, speaking with a therapist that uses therapy can help them get back on schedule and manage those depressive episodes. A couples' therapist can help couples that are having marriage issues using our online platform with scheduled sessions. We even have therapists for teenagers online that can help a middle or high schooler with things teens face on a day to day basis.

An alternative form of face-to-face therapy is when a therapist communicates with you remotely through the Internet (vs. in-office sessions with a therapist); providing therapist services using our platform. You can talk with them using a computer, tablet, smartphone, and any other device that can use an Internet connection.

Why Online Therapy Is More Popular Than Traditional Therapy With Therapists

Current Online Therapy Account Options:

  • Traditional In-Person Therapy
  • Text Therapy
  • Psychotherapy using video

Online therapy (also known as e-therapy, internet psychotherapy, distance therapy, etc) is becoming quite popular as of late, and this fact is becoming more well known with the passing of time. Not only have we been able to help facilitate more than 41 MILLION therapy sessions online with one of our licensed counselors, but we have 1,000s of reviews from real users of our platform sharing their positive experiences that have come from working with a BetterHelp therapist.

What are people saying about working with one of the therapists here at BetterHelp? We encourage you to take the time needed to see what some of our users are saying about our platform, and our platform has assisted them with their mental wellbeing by working with one of our therapists.

What are the benefits of using our psychotherapy platform? In addition to what real people are saying about this alternative to in-office therapy, which is offered here at, you might find it beneficial to review some of the most common benefits of working with licensed therapists that our users have most appreciated as indicated below:

So How Is This Service Different?

  • Convenient for those with disabilities

  • No location and transportation problems

  • It's good for those who have trouble communicating

  • You can communicate with someone on your own schedule

  • Confidentiality

  • Online

  • Lower costs


therapy services using a phone

The Many Ways You Can Talk to a Therapist Online

use texting for therapy sessions online Texting
Using an online therapy app, you can message your therapist through instant text messaging. As you can probably expect from an instant message, it provides quick advice. However, the problem with texting therapy is that the messages tend to be shorter or less thought out. When you need instant relief, texting is the way to go.
communication via email with therapy session online E-mailing
Emailing your therapist allows you to provide a more detailed message, and the therapist can formulate a more detailed response as a result. What is a disadvantage of email and text messaging is that it doesn't allow for body language or tone of voice, which are typically important in a traditional therapy session.
online communication using voice for therapy Voice call
Using the mobile phone or an app, you can speak to the therapist through voice. This allows for tone and emotions to come through, but no body language.
online video sessions for therapy appointments Video chat
Video chatting is always ideal if you want an experience that is almost the same as visiting a traditional counselor. You can see both body language and tone.

Online Therapy Testimonials

LMFT providing online therapy sessions Cynthia Wiedemann(LMFT) & Online Therapist

"I am surprised at how positive I've found the online therapy experience to be, and Cynthia is no small part of that. It is wonderful to feel like I have a helpline when I need it and I trust her to respond thoughtfully and with all the weight of her experience and expertise."

Written by A.L.

have therapy sessions online with Psy.D Dr. Eileen Norton(Psy.D.) & Online Counselor

"Dr. Norton is patient and kind. Allows me the space to process my feelings, as well as offers suggestions and helpful advice. I am so happy I decided to do online therapy."

Written by M.A.

professional LCSW offering online therapy services Esther Gottlieb(LCSW) - Online BetterHelp Therapist

"Esther has been really great. She's incredible, attentive and knowledgeable. I was worried going into online therapy about not being able to communicate my thoughts and feelings very well through text but Esther has been patient, understanding and kind throughout all of this."

Written by K.E.

licensed and professional online therapists can help you Elaine Bonitatibus(MSW, LCSW, LICSW) - BetterHelp Therapist Online

"While I wasn't looking forward to signing up for any kind of therapy, Elaine is easy to talk to and has already helped in a lot of ways with how I cope with anxiety despite me being sort of new here. Would definitely recommend her expertise to anyone with a habit of worrying excessively."

Written by K.A.

The above written and video testimonials about our e-therapy services are just a few of the 1,000s of that we've received over the years from our users that have benefited from using the BetterHelp platform and being connected to one of our therapists.

Not only to these comments help us appreciate that fact that we're providing a service that really helps people, with a mental illness or other life issue, but it also results in us creating both a better psychotherapy product and service.

With that in mind, as long as we're in a position to help people connect with a licensed professional... we’ll be working hard to help as many people as possible that cannot benefit from typical in-office therapy visits to get them using the internet to get the support they need by using video, telephone, and texting therapy.

You still might be wondering... "how can this kind of therapy work for someone like me?" If that is the case, please take a look at some of our other reviews to see how our online therapists have been able to help people in more than 37 million online sessions.

Online Therapy Benefits: The Benefits of Online Therapy And Working Online With A Therapist

  • Benefit #1 = Low-cost treatment with licensed therapists

  • Benefit #2 = Accessibility in a variety of ways

  • Benefit #3 = Intimacy - professional therapists

  • Benefit #4 = Choices in online mental health professionals

Get To Know Some Of Our Counselors Below:

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist: 

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyAddictionsRelationship issuesFamily conflictsParenting issues
Years of Experience: 29

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyAddictionsRelationship issuesDepression
Years of Experience: 11

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyParenting issuesAnger managementSelf esteemADHD
Years of Experience: 13
therapy online

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyFamily conflictsParenting issuesSelf esteem
Years of Experience: 6

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: LGBTIntimacy-related issuesSelf esteemDepression
Years of Experience: 25

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyFamily conflictsParenting issuesSelf esteem
Years of Experience: 5
online therapist

Therapy Specialties Of This BetterHelp Therapist:

Therapists Helping With: Stress, AnxietyFamily conflictsDepressionCoping with life changesADHD
Years of Experience: 17

Therapy FAQ

That's up to you. No matter who you choose, your therapist will be a licensed mental health professional with a wealth of experience in the field. Their credentials are listed on their BetterHelp profile, and you have the right to pick whichever online therapist fits your particular needs. Maybe you want to learn how to manage anxiety. Perhaps you're looking to leave an abusive relationship, but you're having trouble setting boundaries. These are issues that the online therapists at BetterHelp are familiar with treating and can support you while you confront them.
When you're seeking a romantic partner, you're bound to meet people you don't want to date. The same principle applies to online therapy. If you don't click with your online therapist, you can choose another one who works for you and your needs; something that isn't always easy to do with in-office therapy. You've done something positive for your mental health by signing up for online therapy, and you deserve to see a provider who gets you so you can get support and learn to cope with your life challenges.
The beauty of online therapy is how easy it is to find someone willing to work with your hectic schedule. You might work a graveyard shift and think it's nearly impossible to find a therapist ready to see you. You can find an excellent provider who wants to find time to meet with you when you're available, whether that means during a phone conversation, video call or sending text messages. Your therapist is there to help you, and they want to make therapy a convenient and comfortable experience; even if you're unable to have traditional face-to-face therapy sessions.
Over 100,000,000 sessions show that BetterHelp does work and online therapy helps people manage their emotions and live a healthy life. Several glowing testimonials show how much clients are benefiting from their experiences with online therapists. There have also been well-documented studies about the benefits and impact of Telemental Health Services (aka... therapy online). 

Linda Godleski, M.D.; Adam Darkins, M.D., M.P.H.; John Peters, M.S. (2014) Outcomes of 98,609 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Patients Enrolled in Telemental Health Services, 2006–2010

Wantland, D. J., Portillo, C. J., Holzemer, W. L., Slaughter, R., & McGhee, E. M. (2004). The effectiveness of Web-based vs. non-Web-based interventions: a meta-analysis of behavioral change outcomes. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 6(4).

Whether you're here to talk about finding a romantic partner, psychological treatments for adult depression, seeking cognitive behaviour therapy, or working through the death of a loved one, our licensed therapists can help.

Choosing a Therapist

With online therapy, you can choose between many different licensed therapists who are ready to speak to you. Working with a therapist online comes with the recognition that finding the best fit in this regard is a good thing, and thus they can match you by preference.
find the online therapy professional that is right for you

Potential Online Therapy Concerns - Issues With Therapy Being Provided Online By BetterHelp Therapists

Even though this service has much potential, it's not without its concerns for users.

  • Privacy - is your therapy session really private?

    • Don't get us wrong; this form of treatment has a secrecy oath, just like traditional therapy in a therapist's office. The challenge is that this kind of communicating with therapists at times can create the possibility of speaking with your therapist just about anywhere (such as texting therapy). If your goal is for your therapy sessions to be private, there's a chance that someone can hear you, look at your phone, or even recognize you during an online video chat. On the other hand, it's important to keep in mind that your therapist should perform the session in the most private and discrete way possible even when it is online.

  • Who am I speaking with through this therapy platform? What if I don't know their credentials?

    • This is not the case with any licensed therapist here at BetterHelp, all of which arelicensed therapists ready for you. However, if you're talking with an individual outside of our system (especially for a mental illness), you should check and make sure they are who they say they are. While anyone can give advice and help you, if you want professional therapy, you should make sure your therapists are licensed.

Interesting Facts About Online Therapy

an online checklist for therapy sessions
  • Ever wanted to know about the first computer therapy session? It first started over 45 years ago, in 1972. Two computers, connected between UCLA and Stanford, had a simulated therapy session; remember, this was at a time where in-office therapy was basically the only option available to most people.
  • Another effective form of therapy is group therapy, where people who have a similar problem work together to find solutions and help cope. 1993 had the first online depression support group formed thanks to Depression Central.
  • As the Internet became more public, a popular way to communicate between two parties was a chat room; using either text typing or video chats. Strangers would meet and have a conversation. In 1995, it was discovered that a chat room could be used for therapy, and the first online chat service was formed. London-based Pink Practice allowed people to receive advice and other services by chatting.
  • Four in five Internet users have searched something related to mental health. If you think you're alone with your problems, you're wrong. Many people are dealing with mental wellness & health troubles, so don't feel like your problems are alone. Everyone has some sort of mental trial he or she may go through, and there is no shame in talking to someone who can help whether that means in-office therapy visits or online.

The Best Online Therapy & Therapist Solution

get started with online therapy today

Where Can You Find More Information about BetterHelp?

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For more information about our company & therapy services, please visit our FAQ section and learn more about our founder. To learn more to determine if this type of online service is right for you, take a look at our video about therapy services online covering the topic. If you have questions for us, please reach us on our contact page or send an email to

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Real User Reviews About Their Experience Here

BetterHelp review #108518
Date of review: June 15, 2020
Review written by BetterHelp user J.E. after counseling with David Haynik for 1 year and 4 months on issues concerning depression, family conflicts, trauma and abuse, and anger management

At a difficult point in my life, David offered me help which has been truly transformative. I’ve struggled with depression for many, many years. Thanks to David’s compassionate help, I feel like I’m finally on the mend and making great progress towards getting my life back. Thank you, David.

BetterHelp Review For David Haynik David Haynik - (More therapist reviews) - LCSW


BetterHelp review #108514
Date of review: June 15, 2020
Review written by BetterHelp user L.Y. after counseling with Krysten Rohlik for 1 month on issues concerning depression, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, grief, intimacy-related issues, self esteem, coping with life changes, and compassion fatigue

Krysten is a great listener! She positively dissects my issues and reiterates them back to me so I can learn to understand my situation from another perspective. She is one of the most understanding individuals I have talked to and asks all the right questions to help me move forward!

BetterHelp Review For Krysten Rohlik Krysten Rohlik - (More therapist reviews) - MS, LPC


BetterHelp review #108508
Date of review: June 15, 2020
Review written by BetterHelp user V.A. after counseling with Brandon Woffinden for 2 weeks on issues concerning stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and family conflicts

Brandon has been extremely helpful and compassionate. He responds quickly and with relevant and useful responses (which hasn’t always been the case for me with online therapy). He does so much more than just listen, although he listens very well. He has provided valuable insight and outside recommendations that I can do on my own and he follows up. The book that he recommended has really opened my eyes and helped change my perspective. He challenges some of the negative ways I am thinking and helps to identify some of my mental blind spots. I would highly recommend him to a friend!

BetterHelp Review For Brandon Woffinden Brandon Woffinden - (More therapist reviews) - CMHC


BetterHelp review #108501
Date of review: June 15, 2020
Review written by BetterHelp user T.E. after counseling with Pamela Walker for 6 months on issues concerning stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, self esteem, and coping with life changes

I've been seeing Pamela since 2019 and have enjoyed her expertise. She's brought a fresh and refreshing perspective to what I've been dealing with. Pamela is also down to earth, kind, supportive, has a great energy, empathetic and listens. She also checks on me in between sessions, something I've never experienced before with therapists. I highly recommend Pamela.

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