Sarah Elmore


About Me

We all go through times in life that are tough, or just down right devastating, times where we need some answers, a change, a safe place to make personal discoveries or simply to receive a compassionate, listening ear. Hi I'm Sarah Elmore, Licensed Professional Counselor, and with over 12 years of experience, I can tell you with great confidence, whatever your story, whatever the struggle, there is hope and healing available to you!

Whether you are dealing with life dissatisfaction, conflicted relationships, difficult to manage emotions, codependency, parenting concerns, disordered eating, spiritual/ identity struggles, or simply feeling stuck in the past, I can help you find your way.

My personal belief, is that you are the expert on you, and even if you can't yet access the answers, they reside within you. It will be my privilege to journey with you and help shine the light on your own inner truth, teaching you to access it, to trust it, and eventually let it be your guide. I have developed a realistic, relationship focused, love based approach that has been successful with many of the clients I have had the honor of partnering with.

My goal is to strengthen your whole person to achieve your most optimal life. Together, let's create the life you were meant to live.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship
  • Self esteem
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Family, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related, Eating, Parenting, Anger, Career

Years of Experience: 12


LPC #2005030085 (Expires: 2017-06-30)


Written by F.R on Nov 25, 2016 after counseling with Sarah for 7 months

Sarah is a very caring person and I would suggest her to everyone that needs a helping hand. She's very professional.

Written by A.N on Oct 03, 2016 after counseling with Sarah for 1 month depression, stress, anxiety, family, trauma and abuse, grief, and anger

I really enjoy working with Sarah. She's incredibly kind and patient :)

Written by A.B on Sep 13, 2016 after counseling with Sarah for 1 week stress, anxiety, self esteem, and career

Sarah is amazing - she puts everything into perspective and makes sense of it all. My first message I received from her made me feel completely different instantly. I am grateful to have been paired with Sarah, she is a very clever woman.

Written by E.M on Sep 11, 2016 after counseling with Sarah for 1 month depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, and self esteem

Sarah has been very helpful and positive.

Written by E.R on Mar 01, 2015 after counseling with Sarah for 2 months stress, anxiety, self esteem, career, and depression

Sarah is very kind and understanding. She is great at helping you feel special, and recognizing you as a great individual who might just need a little help realizing this on a more personal level. I have been working with her for a good amount of time now, and intend to stay on track because talking about the hard stuff in a format (writing) that works so much better for me, really does help. Especially if it's with someone like Sarah. Thank you so much! Highly recommend for anyone thinking about joining Better Help. It really does work.

Written by B.O on Oct 14, 2014 after counseling with Sarah for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, and depression

I have only been working with Sarah for a few weeks, but I am very happy thus far. She is very considerate and welcoming. I immediately felt like I could open up to her. I've also found her to be very helpful in providing me with strategies and in listening to me. I would highly recommend Sarah.

Written by S.I on Apr 30, 2014 after counseling with Sarah for 2 months

From day one to now, truly inspirational! She shows genuine care and concern, and connects on a deep and personal level, helping to identify and attack the root causes of what is causing so much pain, and keeping you from the joy you want back in your life.

Written by K.R on Apr 29, 2014 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks

Sarah is a very compassionate and understanding individual. Within one day of my signing up, she had already helped me in many ways. I like her approach and focus on not only what I steer toward, but also what I know she believes is best for me and my situation. A great combination of wise words/advice, and gently guiding me to discover things on my own.

Written by S.T on Feb 28, 2014 after counseling with Sarah for 1 month

Sarah has been a great blessing for me. I was a little skeptical about an online session and if they would really be able to "get " what I needed. Sarah has absolutely understood everything and has given me great things to work with. I feel like I have made much progress with her help.

Written by G.I on Nov 27, 2013 after counseling with Sarah for 7 months depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, and grief

I find Sara Barcus to be a wonderful sounding board. She listens to what I am saying (and what I don't say) and offers thoughtful comments and "assignments" which she encourages me to do at my own pace. She has created an environment where I feel "safe" opening up and sharing difficult aspects of my life. I am looking forward to continuing our work together.