Sarah Macedo


About Me

My practice and interventions start where you are. I specialize in working with clients struggling with a wide range of stressors. I do not believe in a one size fits all model, and will pull from different perspectives and approaches to utilize interventions that best fit your needs. We will work together to develop a treatment plan with achievable goals that makes sense for you. My training and experience as a yoga instructor guides my interventions in being keenly aware of the mind/body connection and the impact of emotional health on the physical body.

I will work with you to create a safe space where you can share what you are struggling with, and will listen empathically. My clients benefit from having an authentic, therapeutic relationship with me; an approach that helps them consistently achieve their goals.

Many clients who come to see me have previous therapeutic experiences and complain of still "feeling stuck". I will work hard to give you real tools that may be applied outside of sessions in an effort to help you make the progress you so desire. GLBTQ-knowledgeable and GLBTQ-friendly.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • LGBT
  • Relationship
  • Depression

I also have experience in Addictions, Family, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Sleeping, Parenting, Anger, Self esteem, Career, Bipolar

Years of Experience: 11


LICSW #ISW02266 (Expires: 2019-05-31)


Written by J.E. on Oct 13, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 1 month depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, family, trauma and abuse, grief, sleeping, self esteem, and career

I really enjoyed working with Sarah. In my experience, a lot of things get lost in traditional in-person therapy. There’s only so much time to unpack all your emotions and then the session’s done. This really gave me an opportunity to bring up what I wanted to work on as things were happening. Sarah is great at picking up on patterns and offered a lot of useful advice. She’s always given me something to think about after each response. I’m taking a break from this to apply some of the changes I want to make , but when I return to this service I’ll be choosing Sarah again. She’s great at what she does ! Thanks again Sarah :)

Written by E.V. on Sep 20, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, trauma and abuse, sleeping, and self esteem

Sarah is definitely very good at her job. The past few weeks I've been chatting with her and she has given me different things to work on. I have been able to confide in her and talk to her about things that would normally take a while with me. She has helped me a lot over these few weeks! I have been feeling quite low, and Sarah checks in every day to make sure things are going OK.

Written by A.N. on Jul 22, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, addictions, lgbt, and trauma and abuse

Sarah is fantastic at what she does and I would highly recommend her. Sarah has found a way to get me through my toughest moments and really channels me, despite her not being in front of me.

Written by S.H. on Jul 19, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks depression, and stress, anxiety

Sarah has been very open, honest, and forthcoming with information. She has asked questions and also asked for me to participate in conversations of how I'm feeling.

Written by B.E. on Jun 20, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, and self esteem

I have only recently begun to work with Sarah Macedo at BetterHelp and so far I am very pleased with both the company's platform and Sarah Macedo as my counselor. I have received prompt, supportive, and positive messages from Sarah that have helped me work hard towards my goals. The accountability and advice she offers has been invaluable so far and I am excited to finish out my first month with her and BetterHelp.

Written by P.A. on Jun 20, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, self esteem, career, and bipolar

Sarah has been great to talk too. She gave me great advice, was very respectful. Something like this app was exactly what I was looking for with my hectic schedule and balancing a toddler and everyday life. I loved that she would check in from time to time, the way it made me feel that she was available if I needed to chat. I would definitely recommend both Better Help and Sarah to anyone who needs someone professional to talk too.

Written by M.I. on Jun 20, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, self esteem, and bipolar

Sarah is incredible and so helpful in every way!!!! I appreciate her so much.

Written by K.A. on Jun 15, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 1 month stress, anxiety, lgbt, trauma and abuse, and self esteem

She has been so helpful. I was so anxious when I started but she's been able to help me get it down to a level I can manage. She is super helpful and so easy to talk to.

Written by N.I. on Jun 05, 2017 after counseling with Sarah for 3 weeks stress, anxiety, relationship, family, eating, sleeping, self esteem, anger, and career

Sarah is very understanding and she listens to what I have to say. I know that I am not the most rational of people and she looks past chaotic-emotional ranting to help me see things more objectively, which I appreciate. And she does not fail to check on me if I do not respond at times. Thanks Sarah!