Social impact

Our social impact program is committed to making therapy equitable and accessible to under-resourced communities and individuals in need.

What drives us:

Increasing Equitable AccessReducing StigmaProviding Support In Crisis

Our continued impact


Given in discounts and financial aid to cover therapy costs for low-income individuals

Free months of therapy donated to communities in need

Disaster and crisis relief

In the wake of natural disasters and crisis situations worldwide, BetterHelp shares resources and provides impacted communities and individuals with free mental health care and support.

Partners and community

To further our mission, BetterHelp partners with over 100 impactful non-profit organizations, to donate free therapy to a variety of under-resourced communities and break down barriers to accessing therapy for people in need.

Celebrity and pro athlete awareness initiatives

To destigmatize mental healthcare and raise awareness about available resources, we teamed up with entertainment megastars and sports icons who share our passion for mental health. In collaboration with these partners, we donated millions of dollars in free therapy to communities in need. Our ongoing joint initiatives and campaigns are focused on increasing affordable access to mental healthcare for anyone who struggles with life’s challenges.

Featured celebrity partner campaigns:

The Future of Mental Health Scholarship

As part of our mission to make high-quality mental health care accessible and affordable for anyone in need, BetterHelp is investing in the future of mental healthcare providers through our scholarship program: the Future of Mental Health Scholarship.

This program calls upon emerging scholars in this space to share their stories and passion for mental health in order for us to support and empower their impact on the field.

Our fund currently awards 10 college students studying psychology or related fields with $10,000 towards their education.

2022 scholarship winners

Thoughts from our scholars

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Work with us

Do you work with a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that would be interested in partnering with BetterHelp?