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 Cheryl Gray (MA,LPC-Supervisor) Latest review for: Cheryl Gray (MA,LPC-Supervisor)

C.H. wrote 1 day ago:

"Cheryl is able to make the most of our short time together and really pull a lot out of the sessions! She’s smart and caring. "

 Yasmin Mendoza (LMHC) Latest review for: Yasmin Mendoza (LMHC)

K.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Yasmin has helped me so much. She has been there for me for some very difficult conversation and helped me find me and I will forever be grateful!"

 Mary Redding (MDIV,LCSW) Latest review for: Mary Redding (MDIV,LCSW)

A.N. wrote 1 day ago:

"Mary is a fantastic counselor who really understands my issues and has a real knack for identifying their root causes, as well as giving me plenty of strategies to overcome them."

 Rodney Chapman (Lcas,Lcmhc,Ccs) Latest review for: Rodney Chapman (Lcas,Lcmhc,Ccs)

J.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"Rodney is not only attentive, responsive and helpful but his personality is so positive and upbeat that I leave my session smiling!!!"

 Danielle Allen (LCSW) Latest review for: Danielle Allen (LCSW)

J.U. wrote 2 days ago:

"Danielle is always there to listen and help me. Just knowing she's right there, helps me to feel calmer when I get upset. "

 Kimberly Herring (LCSW ) Latest review for: Kimberly Herring (LCSW )

C.H. wrote 3 days ago:

"Kimberly tells it like it is. Something I really respect in a counselor. She helps me through completed situations with an honesty that can bought. I just really appreciate her:"

 Keith Richter (LCSW,MA) Latest review for: Keith Richter (LCSW,MA)

N.A. wrote 3 days ago:

"Keith is great. He provides valuable insight and through talking with him I have had many a break through. He has such a calm voice and has made me see mindfulness in a deeper way. So grateful to Keith!"

 Yolanda Carter (LMHC,MCAP) Latest review for: Yolanda Carter (LMHC,MCAP)

T.H. wrote 4 days ago:

"Yolanda is very professional and supportive. She's very good at making me feel at ease and discussing the things that make me anxious. Highly recommend!"