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"Rebecca has helped me so much in just a few short sessions. I have no doubt that she can help me get to where I want to be. I highly recommend her for anyone dealing with trauma. "

- Written 1 day ago by K.R. for Rebecca Tingle (LPC)

"My therapist has literally saved my life. She has given me a new view on life in time of hardship "

- Written 1 day ago by N.A. for Carlina Leon (LMHC,BCN)

"Barbara has been a wonderful counselor to talk to. She is a great listener and helps to share a different perspective or new ideas. "

- Written 1 day ago by K.A. for Barbara Lee (LCSW,MPH)

"Rolita is wonderful and a great listener. She keeps track of my progress on issues and has a lot of great advice. She’s easy to talk to. "

- Written 2 days ago by B.R. for Rolita Wielkie (LMHC)

"Richelle is very attentive and makes me think about why I feel the way I do and the possible deeper meanings behind them. "

- Written 2 days ago by S.H. for Richelle Smallwood (LCSW,BCTMH)

"Lisa is an awesome therapist. She cares a lot and works hard to help you. She is amazing at responding promptly. I would definitely recommend Lisa. "

- Written 2 days ago by M.A. for Lisa Stilwell (LCSW)

"Zandra is a wonderful therapist. She listens, offers great insight, and truly makes me feel like she cares. I would highly recommend her "

- Written 3 days ago by J.O. for Zandra Campese (LMHC,NCC)

"Talking to Christie feels more like I’m talking to a very wise friend rather than a therapist. She always makes me feel comfortable and heard. "

- Written 3 days ago by K.E. for Christie Stegmaier (MS,LMFT)

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