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"You know Karen, it takes a very special, beautiful person to be in the mental health profession. And you are just that type of lady. Very special, is the key word here. You are a wonderful lady and I feel honored and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so much for making such a difference in my life. I've learned so much from you and you have taught me ways to keep my bpd under pretty much control! And that feels so good starting to get a wrap around it! I can't say it enough, thank you thank you thank you, Karen. I am Changing into a better person and it's mostly because of you and your help. I hope God always blesses you to the fullest cause you so much deserve it! I couldn't have met a more competent lady with such a wonderful personality."

- Written 1 day ago by S.H. for Karen Armstrong (LMHC, LCPC,LCPP)

"Wonderful counselor! Very compassionate and understanding. Thank you so much for your help."

- Written 1 day ago by P.A. for Kristi OHair (LPC)

"Norah is wonderful. Her help and insight has been invaluable as I have been working on my anxiety. "

- Written 1 day ago by A.N. for Norah Knabe (LMFT)

"Rebecca's great! I think I really lucked out getting such a caring and attentive counselor! She's great, and well informed about a lot of topics."

- Written 1 day ago by J.A. for Rebecca Koskiniemi (LICSW )

"Danielle has been very patient and soft spoken, a great listener with wise words and advise. "

- Written 1 day ago by B.R. for Danielle Ojeabulu (MAMFC,LPC)

"Erica is absolutely a great fit for me and a tremendous counselor all around! "

- Written 1 day ago by B.R. for Erica Patton Simpson (MSW,LCSW,TF-CBT)

"Veronica is professional and supportive. She diligently works to find what works for you. I highly recommend her expertises. "

- Written 1 day ago by J.E. for Veronica Holmes (LMFT)

"Shana is great—she gives me great advice and action items each time we meet, which I like and find very helpful!"

- Written 1 day ago by B.R. for Shana Latham (MS, LPC)

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