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"Carrie is the best therapist I've ever had. She's a great listener who really gets it and has a great way of guiding you and truly helping you find your way. I am so grateful to have found her. "

- Written 1 day ago by O.L. for Carrie Longest (MS, LMHC, NCC)

"Elizabeth listens to what I have to say and makes me feel supportive! So grateful to have a counselor like her."

- Written 1 day ago by M.O. for Elizabeth Bonner (LCSW)

"Dr. Ramirez is an amazing counselor. I’m so grateful to have some one that listens to me and supports me and digs deeper into who I am and helps me work on myself to become the best me. "

- Written 1 day ago by J.E. for Dr. Noel Ramirez (DBH,MSW, MPH)

"Aisha is understanding and empathic to my situation. She has been guiding me in ways to help me understand my situation and ways that I can heal from it. I look forward to her help and guidance, ongoing. "

- Written 1 day ago by L.M. for Aisha Jakachira (LPC,CSAC,EMDR)

"Jenny is very patient and I really appreciate her help with my problems. Definitely opened my eyes to things I’ve never thought of previously."

- Written 1 day ago by L.Y. for Jenny McClarren (LPC,NCC)

"I have had a number of therapists throughout my life and this is the first time I feel like I am actually tackling the things I need to. Matthew is fantastic. "

- Written 1 day ago by A.L. for Matthew Decker (LCSW,MSW)

"Tiffany is very easy to talk to. Never felt as comfortable with any other therapist before. I really enjoy chatting with her."

- Written 1 day ago by I.S. for Tiffany Harris (LCSW)

"Laura is amazing! I really wasn’t expecting to be matched with someone so compassionate and understanding. I’m really grateful for her support and the things I’ve already learned in such a short time. "

- Written 1 day ago by A.N. for Laura Denkler (MSW,LCSW)

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