Our ideas can last us a lifetime. You don’t need to be an inventor to have a great idea. However, if you have no idea on how to live your life, it can be challenging. Anxiety, depression, and problems with your life can make it a challenge. A counselor based in Lakewood can help you. 

Lakewood’s motto is “good ideas last for generations.” The idea of mental health treatment was indeed good, and people are to this day getting treated for their ills. Speak to a counselor today and see what you can do for your mental state. 

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Jamie Hood

Offering therapy in CA
License: MA, LMFT
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesFamily conflictsParenting issuesSelf esteem
9 years of experience

Hello. My name is Jamie Hood, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. I graduated with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope International University in 2013. I have been working in the mental health field since 2012 and have gained some incredible experience in the places I have worked. I have worked in several private practice settings working with individual, couples, family, adolescents, and children with a range of presenting problems such as, anxiety, depression, phase of life problems, relationship issues, and self-esteem. I worked for three years at a pregnant and homeless women's shelter providing individual and group therapy for women who were about to have babies, homeless, and dealing with many distressing issues, like drug abuse, domestic violence, anxiety, depression, and codependency. I also worked in a school-based MediCal-funded program through the YMCA in the San Diego area called TIDES offering counseling services to youth ages 5 to 18 and their families who were struggling with emotional and behavioral problems. I also worked closely in this program with school personnel and community agencies providing case management, support, crisis management, and medication monitoring. In my work with clients, I tend to use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. By using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, I seek to find the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that usually stem from our childhood and past and seek to challenge the negative cognitions that so often get in our way. When using Solution-Focused therapy, I like to stay in the present moment and focus on creating goals to get you where you want to be. I also use attachment, existential, and mindfulness techniques to relieve symptoms, increase self-esteem, and help you be the best version of yourself. As a therapist, I believe it is important to be educating yourself on a consistent basis to stay up-to-date with changing policies and mental health diagnoses. I have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and am a certified marital and premarital therapist through Prepare and Enrich. I have also completed many trainings, like Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, Trauma, Anorexia, Play Therapy, Prepare and Enrich, and Law and Ethics. I am also a recently diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic and continually research chronic disease to educate and empower myself and others to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional toll that comes with it. When I am not in the therapy room, I love to run, exercise, rock climb, and read. I am a military wife, and I love to play with my two young children. I went into this field because I wanted the people that I work with to have a safe and comfortable place to express themselves, process the difficulties that they are going through, provide a sense of hope, and help others be the best versions of themselves that they can be. I would be honored to partner with you in this journey.

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Susan Johnston

Offering therapy in CA
License: LMFT (California & Indiana),LMHC (Indiana)
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesFamily conflictsSelf esteemCoping with life changes
8 years of experience

Hello, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Indiana, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Indiana, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. I was a returning adult student and have been very fortunate to work as a team with individuals and families in office settings, residential and group homes, inpatient mental health care, intensive outpatient treatment, probation, and a college academic environment in my work experience and counselor training. What I learned is that many of us may want and/or need help sometimes. I also have training and experience in addiction treatment, where I enjoyed helping individuals and families work together to believe in themselves and possibility again. I have had the pleasure of working with individuals, couples, and families from nearby places and immigrant and refugee families from around the world, with the help of professional interpreters, and all of us working together to create a team respectful of languages and cultures. My counseling philosophy combines humanistic and experiential theories and emotions and cognitive work grounded in family systems theory. My goal is to work together as a team to individualize treatment and help you meet your goals. Take care, Susan

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Anthony (Tony) Roach

Offering therapy in CA
License: MSW,LCSW
Relationship issuesFamily conflictsGriefParenting issuesAnger management
17 years of experience

Hi my name is Tony, I am an LCSW in the State of California. My experience includes over 16 years of experience in various mental health settings. These include community mental health, private psychiatric facilities, doing mobile crisis work and working in multi-disciplinary teams focused on military families. Additionally, I have extensive knowledge working with individuals associated with Child Protective Services. These include foster parents, bio-parents and their children. I have provided therapeutic services in the California State Prison System and in a county jail. My approach is very respectful, nonjudgmental and client-centered. I meet you where you are emotionally, and most importantly, where you are ready to start. My belief is that you are in control of this journey, but not alone. I remain with you to find solutions to life’s difficulties and healing, and to celebrate your successes. My approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. I also work with addiction issues, anger management and parenting issues. Reaching out for help is not always easy and takes courage. Taking this first step is the beginning of a journey towards achieving your goals. I am here to support, encourage and empower you. I look forward to talking with you.

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Keturah Hood

Offering therapy in CA
License: LCSW
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesSelf esteemDepressionCoping with life changes
6 years of experience

Congratulations for Prioritizing your Mental/Emotional health! My name is Keturah and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. What that means is I come with a broad scope of educational experience that teaches about how social places and situations can affect individuals in a variety of complex ways. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in social work, earned a Masters Degree in Social Work and to current, I am licensed by the Board of Behavioral Sciences in California as a Clinical Social Worker. My professional work experience is broad over the past 15 years: I have worked with people who are homeless, in the foster care system, both young and older parents, and have also worked about 10 years as a outpatient clinic medical social worker. I have worked with death and dying, the onset of new medical conditions, caregiver burn out, grief n loss, the onset of new psych diagnosis from mild to moderate ( depression, anxiety) to also the onset of severe psych diagnosis ( schizophrenia and bipolar disorder). I also have experience as a clinical supervisor at an emergency psych unit to where I also provided stabilization clinical services to people who were experiencing acute life adjustments in their life, suffering from suicidal ideations, self harm and extreme anxiety, substance use. I provide a comfortable non judgmental experience. I love working with diverse people from all racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and ages. I have also worked in a private practice providing direct psychotherapy for seniors, middle aged and young adults around topics such as relationship issues, eating disorders, body dysphoria, transgender topics such as the transition process for opted surgery , LGBTQ clients around family acceptance, and other topics, family conflicts, difficulty with life adjustments new situations, grief n loss, anxiety, toxic relationships. My go to approach is to use Evidenced based modalities such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Aspects of Psychodynamic Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution Focused and Narrative Therapy Techniques. I look forward to working with you to listen and see if we can work together to help you reach your Goals!

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Joseph Delgado

Offering therapy in CA
License: LMFT
Stress, AnxietyAddictionsRelationship issuesFamily conflictsTrauma and abuse
7 years of experience

How can I be of service? I have been a practicing clinician for 7 years. I have experience with individuals, families, couples, and adolescents. I have a bachelors degree in pastoral ministry from Life Pacific University, and a masters degree in marriage and family therapy from Hope International University. I am fully certified to provide EMDR trauma counseling. I am a family systems therapist and my approach is to walk alongside you in the journey and adventure that is your life.

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Cassandra Lawrence

Offering therapy in CA
License: LMHC
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesCareer difficultiesDepressionCoping with life changes
5 years of experience

**At this time I am only providing 30 minute cbt focused live chat sessions** **I do not work with clients in crisis situations and/or for urgent needs, as this is not the appropriate platform for this. If you are in a crisis situation, please call 911 or local emergency services, or visit the nearest emergency room.** Welcome and congratulations on completing the first step on your journey! By signing up and searching for a counselor, you are already demonstrating insight and motivation, which will be beneficial within the therapeutic process. Whether you have been feeling more upset than usual, overwhelmed, frustrated, or just stuck; I am here to help you navigate through this and develop the skills you will need to manage similar difficulties in the future. I have been working for over four years with clients with mental health diagnoses. Throughout this time I have assisted clients both in person and via telehealth with various life stressors such as work, relationships, symptom management, and self-direction. Within our work together, I will actively listen to you in a nonjudgmental manner and strive to create a comfortable environment so that you feel confident to talk about your concerns. From what you have read, if you feel we are a match, I look forward to your outreach.

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Christina Banks

Offering therapy in CA
Stress, Anxiety
3 years of experience

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of California that is interested in helping "Women" with stress, anxiety, and adjustment to chronic illness. Previously, I worked in an outpatient clinic for nine years assisting adults cope and adjust to chronic illness and the social and emotional issues related, such as loss of career and/or formal lifestyle. These issues were addressed by using healthy coping strategies and stress reduction techniques. I also practiced mindfulness and cognitive behavior therapy at the clinic. I utilize a strength-based approach, which emphasizes the positive qualities of a person as well as their strengths. I practice with compassion, empathy, validation, gentleness, and understanding. I will meet you wherever you are in your journey to recovery and will tailor therapy for your unique needs.

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Stephanie Reyes

Offering therapy in CA
Stress, AnxietySelf esteemCareer difficultiesCoping with life changesCompassion fatigue
9 years of experience

I am licensed in California, Texas, Virginia and Colorado with 5 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with stress and anxiety, motivation, self esteem, and confidence, career difficulties, & coping with life changes. I believe that you are the expert of your story and that you have many strengths that will assist you in overcoming things that challenge you. Taking the first step to sign up for therapy can take courage and I am proud of you for getting started!

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Lydia Meroll

Offering therapy in CA
Stress, AnxietyLGBTTrauma and abuseGriefCoping with life changes
6 years of experience

I am licensed in California with 6 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with stress and anxiety, lgbtq+ related issues, trauma and abuse, & coping with grief and loss. I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. I will tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs. It takes courage to seek out a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. I am here to support & empower you in that journey.

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Joycelyn Stallworth

Offering therapy in CA
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesTrauma and abuseSelf esteemDepression
7 years of experience

Hello, My name is Joycelyn Stallworth I am a LMFT. I have a background working as a school based clinician, community based clinician, and private practice clinician. I am a solution focused/short term therapist. This means that I believe that you are the expert in your own life. Please feel free to email or call me for availability to get you scheduled as soon as possible.

How to find counseling in Lakewood

Finding the best therapist close by in Lakewood can feel challenging, but know that once you narrow your search for a counselor serving your area, you can find a therapist in your city that is accepting new clients and fits your goals. Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety, marriage, family issues, or other emotional challenges, feel proud that you have begun your search to find the mental health care services that work best for you in order to begin your personal journey towards emotional healing.

Understanding the type of therapy you'd like to search for is crucial before finding a therapist or psychologist in Lakewood. Perhaps you're interested in narrowing your search for a psychotherapist that can offer psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), talk therapy, provide group therapy, marriage and family therapy for individuals or couples, or couples therapy. Each type of therapy can offer various benefits and address or treat different disorders. If you're still unsure or are new to counseling in Lakewood, feel free to contact the provider via email to find out which methods they practice.

It is also important to understand that mental health professionals in the United States are accredited to provide care, helping individuals and couples, with a variety of licenses. These include licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), and clinical psychologist or doctor of psychology (PsyD). Regardless of their licensure, they are trained to treat individuals and couples counseling, and sometimes children, in any type of therapy. Find a therapist under any of these distinctions and know that the sessions they offer can provide a safe place to heal.

Mental health professionals working through their own in- person therapy practice in Lakewood or online may assist clients in improving healthy relationships, communication skills, working through life transitions, managing a mood disorder, improving coping skills, or change in negative thinking patterns. They may also provide a safe place and validation for clients experiencing emotional pain. Verified providers can provide licensed marriage and couples therapy, tailor to individual needs, and create a therapeutic relationship as a National Certified Counselor.

There are all kinds of therapists working with clients today across the United States and in the greater Lakewood area in different types of therapy, including:

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Substance use therapy
  • Couples therapy

When you're ready to start your search and find therapists, have in mind what type of therapy you'd like your provider to be most experienced with and choose an experienced provider with a practice located near you in the city of Lakewood, elsewhere in Los Angeles, or in the greater state of California.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some other commonly asked questions on therapy with a licensed counselor and BetterHelp serving the Lakewood area can be found below:

How does the cost of in-person counseling compare to the cost of BetterHelp with a licensed Lakewood therapist?

The average price of an in-person therapy session in the US is $100 to $200 per hour. These prices may be higher in Lakewood due to a higher cost of living. The price also depends on the type of provider you are looking for. See the following average prices for various mental health providers without insurance:

  • Counseling with a psychiatrist: $150-$500
  • Counseling with therapists: $100-300
  • Therapy with a psychologist: $100

While many psychologists in Lakewood may not take health insurance, some in the state of California may work on a sliding scale, meaning they'll factor in your income and charge what you can afford per session. With BetterHelp or clinicians throughout the state of California you can expect significantly more affordable options, with sessions ranging from $65 to $100 per week (billed every four weeks).

How is a licensed therapist on this online therapy platform verified?

Therapists in Lakewood, California working on BetterHelp are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited as a doctor of psychology (PhD / PsyD), licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), licensed clinical social worker (LCSW / LICSW), or licensed professional counselors (LPC). All of these psychology clinicians have a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field of psychology sciences, and follow the APA Code of Ethics. They have been qualified and certified by their state's professional board after successfully completing the necessary education, exams, training and practice with a patient, and extensive experience in a healthcare clinic or treatment centers, in order to become a mental health provider. While their lived experience, expertise, careers, and background vary, they all possess at least 3 years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience with adult and sometimes teen patients, and have the necessary therapist credentials to provide a safe space for long lasting emotional healing in therapy. 

Please note BetterHelp does not offer or provide care from psychiatrists to prescribe a drug as treatment, or perform psychological assessments.

How does working with a counselor in BetterHelp online therapy sessions work?

BetterHelp clinicians treat clients online across the United States (individuals and couples) through life transitions, inner child exploration, long term depression or anxiety, and more. An online mental health professional, including the therapists in Lakewood above, can work with young adults, children, adolescents, and adults virtually as an accredited licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) or licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). You do not have to commute to a an office as a psychotherapy client.

Through BetterHelp therapy, you can partake in video, phone, or live chat therapy sessions with your licensed therapist. You can work through various symptoms, use the in app journaling feature, and receive worksheets. You'll also find support groups or group therapy lead by a therapist in Lakewood helping individuals on topics including managing life transitions, symptoms affecting sexual health, behavioral health, coping skills for anxiety or depression, trauma, stress, marriage counseling, and more. 

What mental health issues can psychotherapy address?

BetterHelp's verified Lakewood therapists specialize and have clinical experience in a wide range of mental health issues and modalities, helping clients to feel better and improve their lives every day. See below for examples.

Specialties on BetterHelp include:

You may also be struggling with relationship problems that could be addressed in couples therapy or with a sex therapist. In that case, you may choose to work with one of BetterHelp's experienced cognitive-behavioral therapists or licensed marriage family therapists (LMFT) who work with clients in relationships. You can also try a Lakewood therapy provider through BetterHelp's sister platform, ReGain, which is dedicated to couples and spouses worldwide. 

How do I know if online counseling is right for my family?

One of the potentially rewarding aspects of working with a therapist is the validation and active listening they can provide. Your friends and loved ones may also be available to listen, but you may feel that they may lack the skills to provide objective guidance. Counselors are trained to respond to various concerns, symptoms, and mental health conditions.

A psychologist in your city can support you toward a healthier emotional state, regardless of your mental health, life concerns, or healing needs. While supporting individuals in developing healthier habits, another good benefit of therapy is having an understanding, safe space with a non-judgmental party who can support you through challenging experiences.

Many people have sensitive topics that they may feel ashamed to discuss with their friends or partner. A Lakewood therapist can help you confront these concerns and open up through unique methods of support. There are also many types of therapy, such as art therapy, where you may find you can express yourself through creativity instead of words.

With a lot of people in CA, providers may be booked out with clients. Through the list of profiles above and others within BetterHelp's team, you may be able to find a psychologist within 24 to 48 hours. If you're searching to find a a nearby psychotherapist close to 90714 or the surrounding zip codes, consider others available through the BetterHelp site. No matter if you are seeking help in your area or beyond, online therapy can be a great option.

How should I prepare for my first therapy session with a Lakewood counselor?

Before seeing your therapist, prep for your session by reading to understand the therapy process. You might write a list of questions you want to ask your psychotherapist, any emotional pain you may feel, and the ways in which you hope to improve. When you attend your session, let them know if you have any concerns about therapy or feel unsure about what to talk about. They may help guide you with open-ended therapeutic questions. The first session will often serve as an intake to get to know you as a person and learn why you're attending therapy.

Should I find a therapist or psychologist if I feel fine? 

Some simply don't feel the need to see a psychologist. However, some people may avoid attending therapy due to stigma or preconceived notions of what therapy entails. Although psychologists often support people with mental health conditions, you do not need a diagnosis or condition to attend therapy. You can discuss grief, relationship concerns, stress, or life changes and ask for general feedback and advice. A Lakewood licensed clinical social worker may help you gain power over your life and emotions while you navigate day-to-day experiences.

Gaining a new perspective on yourself through various therapies might allow you to improve your self-esteem, work through relationships, and gain a better sense of your mental health goals. The success you may find through therapy can be dependent on your process.

People may also attend therapy for specific motives, such as bullying, an autism diagnosis, a desire to learn mindfulness meditation, personality concerns, trouble with office workers, specific phobias, and many other principles.

Is mental health care and therapy worth it? 

Therapy is effective and has the power to change individuals' lives. Each client is at a different stage of their emotional healing journey in life, as each human can be unique in their personality, expression, skills, and goals. A psychologist can target various symptoms, experiences, and personalities to help you feel your best and put you on the path to healing. Unlike advice from a friend, family, or non-professional, a mental health professional has an understanding of various disorders like ADHD and depression with many hours of experience in treating adults in their practice. For this reason, seeing an evidence based psychologist in Lakewood, California can be worth it. Over 41 million adults in the US attend therapy services each year, showing it's a popular option and is proven to be effective.

Lakewood has many clinicians who practice person or client-centered individual therapy in-person and through online therapy to assist clients in their healing journey. If you opt into online therapy, you might also be able to meet with providers all over the United States and change therapists easily at any time. Many people struggling with anxiety and depression, substance abuse, body image issues, and more find therapists that are a good fit for them, feel supported, and gain further insight into their lives through internet-based therapy.

Do therapists judge you in therapy sessions?

The boundaries between you and a therapist are in place to help you and them regarding ethical concerns. Mental health professionals are held by ethical standards through the American Psychological Association (APA) and are not allowed to judge or harm their clients. If you are concerned about sharing details about yourself, feel free to withhold personal information. Their job in the therapeutic relationship is to create a safe place, help you gain a deeper understanding of your mental health, and support you. You might consider changing counselors if you don't feel safe or respected.

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If you’re ready to sign up for online therapy, consider signing up with a platform like BetterHelp and get matched within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, don't use this site's online services. If you are in life-threatening danger, call 911. If you require support for a crisis, reach out to the hotlines below:

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