Kansas is known for its private aircraft manufacturers. The state of your mental health can be just like a private airplane. It can soar high and smoothly above the sky, or it can be a bit turbulent. In dire situations, it may end up crashing. 

A counselor can be your perfect mental copilot, making sure you’re soaring high above the rest and leading you to your destination. 


Specialties: Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Parenting issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 18

People who make a deep commitment to themselves to become emotionally healthy are willing to go to the lengths to learn about their emotional selves and to do what is required to release buried emotions. This is often an uncomfortable and difficult journey when you begin, but I promise you great joy once you've gotten over the first few hurdles. Once you make this commitment your journey to identify your issues and release buried emotions will become much easier. To think outside the box is to look further and to try not thinking of the obvious things, but to t...

PsyD, MS, MA
Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Self esteem, Career difficulties
Years of Experience: 8

I am a clinical psychologist who completed doctoral training at Stanford University School of Medicine and PGSP before pursuing internship and residency at OU Health Sciences Center. Additionally, I obtained training in neuroscience from Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania, and completed graduate coursework in behavioral genetics at Harvard University. In my clinical practice I offer private psychotherapy that incorporates evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, compassion-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and interp...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Depression
Years of Experience: 13

Bryan has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Kansas and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Missouri. He is also a Certified Life Coach and coaches dedicated men, women and teens to discover their significance and map direction to their life. Bryan has a passion for speaking professionally and does so with tremendous energy and passion. His vision is to help others connect spiritually through integrity and perseverance and his mission is to influence, inspire and promote God-like love an...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 20

I have over 20 years of experience working in mental health services. I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas City in 1990. While in undergraduate school, I worked with rape victims through MOCSA (i.e., Metropolitan to Counter Sexual Assault) in the Kansas City area. This experience included answering the crisis line and visiting with victims in hospital and police station. In this capacity, I provided education on rape and typical reactions that they can expect to have as well as providing emotional support for them as they ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Depression
Years of Experience: 12

Feeling better IS possible, let's start today! I am here to help YOU do just that. We will focus on your TODAY and work towards a future that includes a happier you. I have been a clinical therapist, and working with people just like you, for 13 years. I received both my bachelors and masters degrees in Social work and since obtaining my clinical license in social work, it has been my goal to lessen the stigma “mental illness” carries by providing compassionate care to everyone in need. I've worked with children, adults, families, and couples. I look forw...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Grief, Depression

Going to therapy takes heart and courage, so finding someone you can trust is most important. Trained extensively in Social Work and in Psychoanalysis and with 18 years in the field, I have integrated these traditional methods with experiences and studies in Ayurvedic psychology and other healing practices {mindfulness, meditation, yoga & breath work} in order to provide a therapy approach that addresses the person as a whole: mind, body, spirit & heart. I incorporate my background in Social Work and Psychoanalysis as a framework for talk therapy, providing a ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Parenting issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 25

I am a clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience in the areas of adoption, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, work issues, family relationships and parenting. I am licensed in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Florida and am here to help you with whatever you may be struggling with right now. Everyone has times that seem more difficult and reaching out for help can seem overwhelming, scary and like you are giving up on being able to solve the problem yourself. I provide non-judgemental support to help you explore your curr...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Eating disorders, Bipolar disorder, Depression
Years of Experience: 8

I believe there are no quick fixes and that change is a continuous process. Goals are set, progress is made, and next thing you know, there is an unexpected set back. Life experience has taught me that, it is great to want to change, it is great to want to move forward, however, it is also very important to live in the here and now. I will work with you to manage expectations, manage emotions, look for something positive to hold onto to, and at the same time, examine what we can do to strive for a different future. We will partner together to delve into the past, ...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coping with life changes
Years of Experience: 8

My name is Jared Bernard, and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University. I completed accredited pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship training to further specialize in the provision of therapy to my clients. I have also published research in academic journals that informs my clinical work, and I regularly give clinical presentations and trainings to others, including colleagues and students. I specialize in providing evidence-based individual therapy services to people with a wide variety of mental he...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 3

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed in the states of Kansas and Wisconsin. I have been a practicing licensed therapist for 12 years. I have worked with a wide range of populations from children and adolescents to adults and geriatrics. I have worked with clients who have struggled with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stress management, career challenges, and significant life changes. I am also a certified personal trainer and I have worked with clients struggling with weight loss and body image issues. I have experience working in several di...

What Can Therapists In Kansas Help You With?

A therapist in Kansas can practice anything from marriage and family counseling to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), and can help with depression, stress, or anxiety.

They can help you set and achieve career goals, work on current issues you may be facing, or deal with your past. Around 2,401,000 people are living in Kansas, and because an estimated one in four people are dealing with some form of mental illness nationally, it is likely that you or someone you know could benefit from the support of a licensed counselor.

Why Are Many Residents In The State Of Kansas Working With A Licensed Counselor?

The reasons people choose to see a psychologist vary, of course, but there are a number of reasons why starting therapy sessions on our platform can help you. Whether you live in the city of or in the Greeley county, we can match you with a licensed therapist who can suit your needs.

Take a look at our extensive network of counselors and online psychologists in Kansas who are ready to help you get happy!