Whether you want to improve low self-esteem or manage the symptoms of mood disorders or co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, online therapy can give you the support you need to meet your goals.

With BetterHelp, you can work with a licensed psychologist, social worker, or other licensed therapist from the comfort of your home at a time that works for you. This flexibility can make therapy more accessible for a busy student studying for anyone with a busy schedule, whether you’re pursuing a bachelor's degree at Rhode Island College or are a professional having trouble balancing your work and personal life.

BetterHelp does not offer group therapy at this time, but the professionals on the platform are skilled at providing individual therapy and helping people work through various challenges. Every provider on the platform has at least a master's degree and extensive clinical experience.

If you’re looking for an online therapist, RI has many options when it comes to telehealth services. The Rhode Island therapists listed below are licensed to provide online mental health care statewide.

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Andrea Kelley

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
Stress, AnxietyLGBTFamily conflictsParenting issuesDepression
8 years of experience

Hello, and welcome to BetterHelp! My name is Andrea and I am looking forward to working with you. Starting therapy can be a big step and I want you to feel comfortable taking that step with me. I have a Master in Social Work from Boston University, as well as a Master in Public Health. My undergraduate degree is in the Study of Women and Gender from Smith College. I have 8 years of experience since earning my master's and, while I was in graduate school, I was working with youth and families involved with the state's welfare and mental health program. As a public health social worker, I examine both the individual and societal picture - the things that shape us all as humans and who we are as distinct people. While I utilize a number of different therapeutic approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a particular focus of mine. All that means is that we do some looking at how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected and some ways to intervene when those thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are working against you instead of for you. Regardless of style, one of the most important factors in counseling is the relationship between therapist and client - I always tell new people that if it does not feel like a good fit, we should talk about it and you should feel free to let me know if I am not the right counselor for you. That said, I hope that we will be able to be successful in taking on this journey.

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Tina Leavitt

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
License: LICSW
Stress, AnxietyTrauma and abuseGriefParenting issuesDepression
3 years of experience

My name is Tina . I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Rhode Island. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Rhode Island College. I have received my Master of Social Work degree from Rhode Island College. My passion is working with children, teens, and families to help them understand and manage their emotions and behaviors in a supportive therapeutic environment. I assist parents and children with working through barriers that affect their everyday life through a warm and collaborative, strength-based approach. I utilize creative interventions to support children/adolescents to enhance their skills including but not limited to play therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and collaborative/proactive problem-solving.

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Kimberly Rose

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
License: MSW,LICSW
Stress, AnxietyGriefSelf esteemCoping with life changesCompassion fatigue
25 years of experience

Kimberly is a licensed independent clinical social worker with over two decades of experience in family and youth engagement, child welfare policy, practice and program development.  She’s worked extensively with adolescents, young adults along with families, couples and caregivers, helping clients resolve relationship conflicts, improve communication skills, and cultivate empathetic connections. Most recently, she has worked with individuals, providing counseling services with a focus on grief and loss recovery, including a focus on pet loss. She is adept at assisting individuals navigate grief and loss while they develop the coping skills necessary to adapt to life’s uncertainties. Specialties include: adolescent/transitional age issues, self-esteem & social skill building, grief & loss recovery and anxiety management.

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Courtney Lamothe

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
License: MSW,LCSW
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesGriefSelf esteemCoping with life changes
3 years of experience

I believe … “Maybe sometimes we’re delicate and unsure, and we don’t know what we’re ready to want, so all that we’re looking for are people with good intentions towards us, hoping for gentle in the unknown.” - Butterfly Rising "All human actions are an attempt to meet needs." - Dr. Marshall Rosenberg “We all have baggage, but there comes a time when we need to unpack.” - Unknown “If the ocean can calm itself, so can you. We are both salt water mixed with air.” - Nayyirah Waheed Welcome, I’m Courtney Lamothe, Founder/Owner of Self-Awareness, Let’s Talk (SALT), quality of life coach and licensed clinical social worker. My focus is on mindfulness and a 7-year long practice I’ve coined, “Feelings Identification + Needs (FIN) Awareness” based on the teachings of Nonviolent Communication. As a fin helps to propel a fish through the water, I believe these practices help to propel us forward in life with more clarity, compassion, and connection. It’s practical for all and provides a new lens from which to understand all situations. Being aware of what we are feeling and needing is the foundation of self-awareness. When we can pinpoint the root reasons for our feelings, actions and reactions, we can better understand human behavior (our own and that of others). My focus aims to help bring clarity, which can bring compassion, and with compassion can come greater connection (again, with ourselves and others). And, I believe, connection is why we are all here. Together we will talk about your current stressors, feelings, strategies, and identify resulting unmet/met needs. From here we can intentionally connect dots, identify trends and strengths, acknowledge compounded unmet needs, and learn ways soften, ground, and welcome any feelings. This then positions you to create new strategies and goals in order to better meet your needs moving forward. Creating intentional change often requires repetition, practice, and accountability, and I am here to help with these as well. It is my hope that in working together, you will will create a more fulfilling, well-lived life in whatever way that looks to you. As someone who has previously worked in hospice for 13 years, I highly understand the value of this work. Please connect with me if you have a desire to live from a more curious, self-aware, regulated, kind, and connected place. May you find some comfort here.

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Amanda Masi

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
License: MSW,LCSW
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesParenting issuesSelf esteemDepression
4 years of experience

Hello and welcome! If you are reading this then I applaud you for taking the first step to come to therapy. The good news about taking this step is that you do not have to do it alone! Together we will make your journey a little easier. My name is Amanda, I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist out of Rhode Island. I graduated with my bachelor's in Psychology from Rhode Island College, and hold a Masters's degree in Social Work from Simmons University. I have been working in the field for over 10 years. A majority of my experience comes from working with children and families in diverse settings including child welfare, trauma and abuse, acute/mental health, substance abuse, case management, and juveniles within the court system. A majority of this work has been done within the home, schools, foster care placements, and community settings. It is important to me to establish a safe, nonjudgmental environment, and show respect to all clients. Based on your needs together we will figure out what treatment modalities work best. I believe in utilizing a holistic, client-centered approach, frequently using methods of CBT. Together I can help empower you, increase your self-esteem, set healthy boundaries, as well as learn to regulate emotions in a positive manner while changing thought patterns. I look forward to working with you!

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Ann Allain

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
License: LMHC
Stress, AnxietyRelationship issuesFamily conflictsAnger managementDepression
22 years of experience

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Rhode Island with over 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. I have been fortunate to work with clients who engage in therapy for a variety of issues, primarily anxiety, depression, relationship and family issues, anger management, and grief, trauma, and loss. Therapy provides a safe and caring space for clients to express their feelings, learn new skills, and ultimately, achieve their goals. It can be intimidating and even scary to begin therapy and share information with someone you don't know. Every person who begins therapy has made the brave decision to seek support to feel better. I connect with clients with warmth, clear communication, caring, and a little humor. I listen from a non-judgmental perspective, hearing both challenges and strengths. We need to recognize what is going well in your life and tap into that to face the challenges. My strength-based approach includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy, and psychoeducation. We will work together to determine the best approach for you. Therapy is your time! I can listen, ask questions, challenge unhelpful beliefs, and consistently support you, but you don't need me for answers. Our therapeutic relationship develops based on the belief that you have the answers already and just may need support to find them. I am happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to meeting you.

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Danielle O’Brien

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
AddictionsCareer difficulties
5 years of experience

I am licensed in Rhode Island with 5 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with coping with addictions & career difficulties. I believe that you are the expert of your story and that you have many strengths that will assist you in overcoming things that challenge you. Taking the first step to seeking a more fulfilling and happier life takes courage. I am here to support you in that process.

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Danielle Laprade

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
Stress, AnxietyFamily conflictsBipolar disorderDepressionCoping with life changes
3 years of experience

I am a licensed clinical mental health counselor, licensed in Rhode Island. I also have national board accreditation from the NBCC giving me the NCC certification which is national board certification. I use person-centered theories, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, coupled with psychodynamic (think Freud, childhood effect on your current functions, your relationships, your underlying trauma, and childhood unresolved). I do label that use of multiple theories as other therapists term as well, so my approach is very eclectic and tailored per the issue and individuals personal cultural views. I listen and practice as culturally aware and curious if I do not share the same culture, I would still always respect you and clients of religious backgrounds. I do all types of counseling and therapy. While I was entering the field, I had adults and children, homelessness, families, parent-child relational co-therapy, childhood disorders and be trauma-focused and informed while I have worked with sexual abuse victims, and parents. I work for people who have stress, people who have self-esteem issues and those who just need someone to validate them. I am gentle, interactive, and warm. I am independently a contractor and if you work with me, you'll see that I am genuine easy-going, and gentle in my pace and never judge anyone as this is the core of my being. I am genuine, authentic, collaborative, warm, and at all costs upholding the ACA code of ethics when areas of challenge present in terms of right and wrong, boundaries, and professionalism. In my profession, I am an advocate and fight for clients who have been misled or who have difficulties in life due to trauma, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Anxiety, Depression, and a lot more. I enjoy working with anyone who is honest and can give confidence that I will uphold my practice as the best standards apply. Sincerely, Danielle LaPrade, M.S, LMHC, NCC

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Shanequa Stepps

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
Stress, AnxietyAddictionsTrauma and abuseSelf esteemDepression
10 years of experience

I am licensed with 11 years of professional work experience. I have experience in helping clients with stress and anxiety, relationship issues, trauma and abuse, & motivation, self esteem, and confidence. I work with my clients to create an open and safe environment where thoughts and feelings can be shared without fear of judgment. Taking the first step to seeking a more fulfilling and happier life takes courage. I am here to support you in that process.

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Carmen Benjamin

Offering therapy in Rhode Island
Stress, AnxietyTrauma and abuseGriefDepressionCoping with life changes
5 years of experience

I am licensed in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and (New Hampshire is pending) as an Independent Clinical Social Worker who provides individual psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, adults, and veterans. I graduated Summa Cum Laude receiving a Master of Social Work degree from Simmons University. I have worked in the mental health field working with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults for over five years. Among other areas, I work with those struggling with all forms of anxiety, depression, trauma, and managing life transitions. I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy to address emotional challenges, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders to help clients regain control of their lives. I draw from previous experience in helping veterans address homelessness, trauma, and other obstacles by providing access to comprehensive health and human services. Please contact me to see how I may be able to help you with your specific needs.

How can therapists in Rhode Island support you?

Therapists in Rhode Island can practice many types of counseling, from marriage and family therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). They may also assist you with symptoms of depression, stress, or anxiety.

Therapists may help you set and achieve career goals, work on current issues you may be facing, or address your past. Over 546,128 people live in Rhode Island, and one out of five Americans has a mental health condition. Searching for licensed professionals in Rhode Island may help you find mental health support for personal growth, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health concerns. You do not need a mental health diagnosis to seek support from one of BetterHelp's licensed providers above.  

The mental health field can include psychiatric medication management, online therapy, marriage counseling, couples therapy, clinical social work, licensed counseling, and other mental health services in person and online. Seeing a licensed provider can help you navigate mental health conditions and life circumstances through mindfulness and other specialized techniques.

Please note that BetterHelp does not offer diagnostic or medication management services.

Why are many residents in the state of Rhode Island working with a licensed counselor?

People reach out for mental health support for a variety of reasons. Many individuals work with a counselor for general life advice, while others may attend therapy for a specific concern. Whether you live in a large city or a smaller county in Rhode Island, BetterHelp can match you with a licensed professional tailored to your preferences noted when you sign up.

Mental health counselors in Rhode Island support clients with varying issues, which can include:

  • Challenging situations or life stressors
  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression or depressive conditions
  • Adjustment issues
  • Emotional support for a terminal illness
  • Chronic pain emotional support
  • Grief
  • Personality disorders
  • Trauma
  • Relationship conflicts and concerns

Finding a therapist that takes new clients in online therapy can be the first step in finding a treatment plan that works for you. Your therapist can provide a safe space for you to focus on self-care and well-being.

If you're interested in speaking to one of the therapists above or being matched with a counselor in 24 to 48 hours, consider signing up for BetterHelp. BetterHelp has over 35,000 providers, including those listed above.

Emergency services

If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, don't use this site's online services. If you are in life-threatening danger, call 911. If you require support for a crisis, reach out to the hotlines below:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Some commonly asked questions can be found below.

How much does a therapist cost?

Mental health professionals can differ in price. Forbes found that the average cost of in-person therapy in the US is around $100 to $200 per hour. Pricing can also vary based on your location. 

BetterHelp offers payment plans of $60 to $90 per session, charged monthly in a lump sum. You can also take advantage of this pricing on one of BetterHelp's sister platforms, like ReGain for couples or TeenCounseling for teens aged 13 to 19.

Many therapists may be upfront about their pricing and whether or not they take health insurance from the beginning. Additionally, some in your area may offer a sliding scale plan to allow those with lower incomes to pay less for therapy. However, services online can often save individuals a few hundred dollars per month.

How do I know if I should get a therapist?

Mental health services and mental health providers may help you navigate various concerns. You do not need a diagnosis or condition to attend therapy; You can discuss grief, relationship concerns, stress, or life changes and ask for general advice. A counselor may help you gain power over your life and emotions while you navigate day-to-day experiences.

Mental health issues don't always present as a crisis. Many professionals provide talk therapy and support for life transitions, skills learning, relationship problems, or life coaching. Online therapy sessions in Rhode Island can allow clients seeking therapy to experience professional help through video, phone, or live chat sessions without commuting to an office.

Does insurance cover therapy?

Different counseling services can vary in cost. Therapists must apply to accept insurance through insurance companies, which may take time and money, so not every therapist offers services through insurance. If you cannot find a therapist that accepts your plan, BetterHelp may be cheaper than visiting an in-person therapist.

Is online therapy safe?

Online therapy through BetterHelp and its sister platforms is safe. Therapists are licensed, experienced, and vetted before being contracted with the platform. If you experience any concerns with your therapist, you change your counselor through the platform or app at any time.

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