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About Me

I believe in the great power of human connection. As one of my heroes, Brene Brown says, "we (humans) are wired for connection." I am a licensed clinical social worker in Virginia and have been providing clinical services in a variety of settings for over 20 years. I am a mother, a spouse, and a friend to many. My professional experience has taken me into schools, healthcare and mental health settings, and nonprofit organizations. I have worked with children and families, and individual adults. Of particular interest to me is the emotional journey of mothers through pre-conception, pregnancy, and early parenting, as this is often an equally joyful and challenging time for most women. I am a trained and experienced pregnancy and postpartum counselor, and also partner with individual adults struggling with anxiety and/or depression or life transitions. My style is person-centered and solution-focused, seeing myself as much as a partner as a counselor. I look forward to partnering with you to bring out your strengths and support you in discovering an even better YOU!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • Self esteem
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Relationship, Family, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Anger

Years of Experience: 15


LCSW #0904005630 (Expires: 2018-06-30)


Written by L.A. on Dec 13, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 weeks depression, and stress, anxiety

She is patient with me and my battles with anxiety. Her tips are not only helpful, but meaningful. I appreciate her patience with me.

Written by M.O. on Nov 17, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, family, and career

Tracey has been great at getting to the heart of the matter. Honest, direct, but always kind, she's diligent in keeping things moving forward.

Written by A.N. on Nov 15, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 5 months depression, stress, anxiety, parenting, and self esteem

I joined Better Help on what I considered to be a trial basis, testing out the waters to see whether the online format could be helpful to one of my college-aged children who suffers from anxiety. I didn’t really believe I personally needed counseling, as I had created a narrative for myself that I was “too sensitive” and life was kind of hard and I was the kind of person who was always going to experience low grade depression and anxiety on a fairly regular basis and I’d just “power through” it. On the surface though, I function rather well.

However, Tracey’s warmth and empathy and responsiveness created such a safe space for me that I’m still with Better Help, six months later. It turns out there is no need to accept low grade depression and anxiety as normal. For me, those feelings are mostly rooted in some past experiences and how I coped with and adapted to them at the time. Its surprisingly helpful to reflect on those experiences differently, with her help. It’s like we are clearing out a messy abandoned attic, I go up there and bring something down and we look at it and she asks thoughtful questions, but nothing feels intrusive. And she’s not marching into the attic and throwing up the blinds and forcing me to deal with everything, she is following my lead, offering her insights on what I’ve chosen to share. And if I bring something down and then change my mind, that’s okay too.

And the net result is that in six months I haven’t had an extended period of low grade depression. I'm starting to learn to observe my anxiety without getting swept away by it. And I just feel a lot better overall. I feel that beautiful sense of equilibrium and quiet joy much more often. I’m more mindful about my choices and how I communicate. When I’m derailed, I can find my balance more quickly. I’m working to take better care of myself, and to appreciate myself. Thank you Tracey!

Written by A.S. on Oct 26, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 weeks stress, anxiety, and self esteem

Tracey is a wonderful counselor. Right off the bat I felt a great connection and genuine care. I was surprised with how often we are able to communicate, which has helped me to keep important themes at the forefront of my life and to stay focused on my goals. She truly listens and understands what I'm saying, sometimes better than I do! Being able to message with her online has helped me to take time in formulating thoughts that I may struggle with face-to-face. Overall, this has already proven to be a positive experience for me and has greatly contributed to my quality of life in a short time.

Written by C.A. on Oct 25, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 months depression, stress, anxiety, relationship, grief, parenting, and self esteem

Tracey is very supportive and responsive. I had a family issue a few months ago that prioritized my time. She reached out every week with encouraging words even though I couldn’t always respond. She’s still doing it! We talk and/or message every week. At the conclusion of each video session I’m left with a to-do list of sorts to keep me focused on my self-work and progress.

Written by S.H. on Oct 03, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 weeks

I have been working with Tracey for only a few weeks and she seems to really care about my well-being and staying focused on how we can work through my issues.

Written by E.B. on Sep 27, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 3 weeks depression, stress, anxiety, family, and self esteem

I was able to develop an honest, genuine connection with Tracey as we worked on some of the issues that caused stress, sadness and anxiety in my life. She is very natural, supportive, analytic but also practical in her approach. Working with her helped me to stay present and be compassionate with myself.

Written by N.I. on Aug 21, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 months depression, stress, anxiety, and self esteem

Tracey has been very supportive in my times of need and helping me with just not getting through the hard parts but she has also help me build the tools and coping skills to grow and better myself. She has been flexible and open minded in my experience with her and has been a large help in my life.

Written by Y.O. on Jul 10, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 2 weeks relationship

Excellent and compassionate!

Written by on Jun 26, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 5 months

Tracey has helped me understand myself better, in the last few weeks. I was going through a lot of change in life, and had constant mood swings. Tracey was very attentive and listened to my outpourings and helped me analyze the situation better. She gave new perspectives to my bad experiences in teenage life and helped me understand it better. 4 weeks of counseling helped me relax and enjoy life in a better way.

Written by L.A. on May 24, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 3 weeks family, grief, and parenting

Tracey has been a huge help. I was struggling more than usual since I had the baby, and I just couldn't find the underlying reasons on my own. She was able to break it down and get to the heart of the matter for me. There were several things going on that I needed to be aware of and shift my thinking around. I'm beyond grateful for her help.

Written by V.I. on May 03, 2017 after counseling with Tracey for 3 weeks

Tracey has been a great ear to listen to my outpourings for the last several weeks during a time that has seen me have high anxiety and feelings of sadness seizing up my daily life at times. However with her insight, and outside resources she has recommended, the majority of these feelings have been calmed, and I feel much more at peace now than before I reached out for assistance.