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"Patrick is an excellent therapist. He listens to my concerns and challenges me to work on what we are working on together. He is extremely easy to talk to. I would very much recommend him."

- Written 9 days ago by L.A. for Patrick Santilli (M.S.Ed.,LPCC)

"Erin is fantastic! Wonderfull listener and gives great advice. I’ve learned a lot about myself from our sessions together. "

- Written 9 days ago by A.L. for Erin Smith (LCSW)

"Diane has been brilliant, she's direct and insightful, and has managed to see what is really going on - even if I'm not aware of it myself. The tools and awareness she is giving me has resulted in tangible shifts in my life."

- Written 9 days ago by B.O. for Diane Poehlman (LMHC)

"Ingrid is amazing and has been very helpful in almost 2 and half years I have been working with her. She listen to all my issues and great to discuss things with her too."

- Written 9 days ago by E.R. for Ingrid Middleton (LCSW, MSW, MS)

"Alex is very understanding, reliable and non-judgmental. She never pressures you into doing anything or talking about anything that your not comfortable with. Rather than tell you what to do to get better, she draws the solutions out of you to help you reach your goals. Thank you Alex! "

- Written 9 days ago by N.I. for Alexandra Laramee (LCSW, MSS, MLSP)

"Cindi is an incredible guide. With her help I have really noticed a change in my life and in my habits, I am so grateful for her guidance, patience, and listening. "

- Written 9 days ago by C.H. for Cindi Stewart (LPCC,LPC,MA)

"Yumi listens very well and always poses deep questions for me to answer. "

- Written 9 days ago by D.. for Yumi Couper (LCSW 4004,64031)

"Jeanne Malone is a caring, empathetic counselor who partners with you to work through your concerns and find solutions. "

- Written 9 days ago by E.R. for Jeanne Malone (LCPC,CAADC)

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