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"Kimberly tells it like it is. Something I really respect in a counselor. She helps me through completed situations with an honesty that can bought. I just really appreciate her:"

- Written 1 day ago by C.H. for Kimberly Herring (LCSW )

"Keith is great. He provides valuable insight and through talking with him I have had many a break through. He has such a calm voice and has made me see mindfulness in a deeper way. So grateful to Keith!"

- Written 1 day ago by N.A. for Keith Richter (LCSW,MA)

"Yolanda is very professional and supportive. She's very good at making me feel at ease and discussing the things that make me anxious. Highly recommend!"

- Written 2 days ago by T.H. for Yolanda Carter (LMHC,MCAP)

"Dr. Goodwin has helped me identify my biggest challenge that has helped me with my anxiety. He is not judgmental and give me hope that I will be able to live a better life."

- Written 2 days ago by M.I. for Dr. Aurthur Goodwin (DPC-Doctor of Professional Counseling ,LPC)

"A wonderful, science based, thoughtful approach to tackling your thoughts, patterns, and feelings with compassion and love. Dr. Barriteau is a wonder who I would recommend to anyone! "

- Written 3 days ago by M.A. for Dr. Gemma Barriteau (PhD,LMHC)

"Nakia is amazing! She listen really well and remembers the history of our past conversations. She has helped me grow so much! "

- Written 4 days ago by J.E. for Nakia Toomer (MA, LPC )

"James is always helpful, honest and knows exactly what to say. He is attentive, easy to talk to, and makes the most of our time together. I really am thankful for him."

- Written 4 days ago by A.L. for James Phillips (LMHC)

"Cynthia has changed my perspective and finally getting the results and resolve I have been seeking. I am forever grateful for her contributions and insights. "

- Written 5 days ago by S.T. for Cynthia Tatum (MA,LMFT)

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