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"Sarah gives you the help you need. She’s very real and that is exactly what people including myself need. "

- Written 1 day ago by M.A. for Sarah Isaack (MS,LPC)

"She's very punctual and makes me feel comfortable enough to actually open up to, which is something I've never felt about a counselor before. She's really down to earth and relatable. "

- Written 1 day ago by R.O. for Katie Harrison (Lpc)

"Gerry Watson is a man who understands all kinds of people. He is patient with those who suffer from persistent mental illness and uses various tactics to properly treat his patients."

- Written 1 day ago by M.E. for Gerry Watson (MSW, LCSW)

"Michael has been an amazing person to work with. He is incredibly caring and very quick to respond to messages. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help and needing some guidance in life. "

- Written 1 day ago by H.A. for Michael Arieta (MSW, ,LICSW)

"Brandon has helped me significantly, even within just a few sessions he has helped me! He’s very knowledgeable and willing to listen to whatever concerns you may have."

- Written 1 day ago by A.N. for Brandon Woffinden (CMHC)

"Dr. Montero is a wonderful counselor! She really listens, takes notes, and truly cares. She also assigns you homework and isn't afraid to be blunt with you. "

- Written 1 day ago by H.O. for Dr. Vanessa Montero (Ph.D.,LMHC)

"Mr. Moss is very helpful, sometimes its good to have different perspective, an outside view of things. His advice is simple to understand and easy to follow, as he leads me in search of myself."

- Written 2 days ago by A.A. for Philip Moss (MA)

"Kellie is great at helping provide a listening ear, full of validation & gives sound advice for suggestions of how to move forward in a healthy manner. "

- Written 2 days ago by H.O. for Kellie Kizis (LCSW)

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