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Our Mission

Making professional counseling accessible, affordable, convenient - so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

Our Counselors

BetterHelp offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), and board licensed professional counselors (LPC).

Our Success Stories

"The biggest achievement I've made is, truly, fighting for myself. Through working with Aiko and taking the time to discuss various issues with her, I've become a bigger advocate for myself, and I'm so proud of that."
"I have now been working with Sheilah on BetterHelp for about 4 weeks, and can confidently say that I am a lot less anxious about my career path now than when I first signed up...I am so much better off now than I was before."
"I am a totally different person now than when I signed up 19 months ago. I have found my voice and can speak up for myself now....My confidence level is also better than it ever has been."

Our Outcomes

An extensive study by the Berkeley Well-Being Institute found BetterHelp to be as effective as face-to-face counseling.

made significant progress
prefer BetterHelp over face‑to‑face therapy
reduced depression symptoms

Our Media Coverage

"My BetterHelp therapist asked the same kinds of thought-provoking questions as the traditional therapists I worked with in the past...she helped me identify anxiety triggers and coping mechanisms much faster than it would have taken had we met only once a week. "

"They messaged her about many of the same issues her face-to-face therapy clients were dealing with, including stress, anxiety and relationship issues, among other concerns, and she messaged them back with questions, feedback, insights and guidance. "

"In the field of psychology, this has been a game changer both for the treatment of patients and for the wellbeing of both patient and mental health providers. Patients have more flexibility, because location and schedule are no longer a barrier, and they have more choice of providers."

"David Kaplan, chief professional officer of the American Counseling Association, believes that technology plays an important and necessary role in the counseling profession...And for clients with conditions like agoraphobia or severe anxiety, online sessions may be the only choice."

"Online or virtual therapy is helpful for people who live in remote areas where there aren't a ton of options for seeing a therapist in person. BetterHelp provides resources for therapists who are all over the country. Also, it's important to see what kind of therapy works best for you."

"BetterHelp is an online counseling website with nearly two million clients."

"One solid option is online counseling. Your friend can find this on BetterHelp. Online therapy can be a wonderful tool for your depressed friend, especially if they are having trouble leaving the house. They will also have greater access to professionals who are competent if they happen to live in a remote area."

Our Leadership

Alon Matas
Danny Bragonier
Allison Dea
Head of Community and Support
Alain Adler
Head of Engineering
Jeff Williams
Head of Business Development

Our Advisory Panel

Timothy Yen (Psy.D)
Felicia Rock (MSW, LCSW)
Jay Swedlaw (LMHC, LPC)
Gary Nelson (LCSW)
Victoria Simon (Ph.D., MFT)

Our Partners

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Our Team

We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of helping more people live a better and happier life every day. We are growing fast and always looking for new talent. If you love people and like challenges - come and join us!

Our Latest Reviews

"3 words,"He's The Best ""

- Written 1 day ago by D.E. for Jacques Noguess (LPC)

"Dr. Porterfield is kind and professional. She offers several resources to help oneself. She provides relevant information for whatever issues one is going through. "

- Written 1 day ago by T.E. for Dr. Magna Porterfield (Ph.D.)

"Jessica is a professional, responds to my questions, and I highly recommend her."

- Written 1 day ago by S.H. for Jessica Nye (MS,LPCC)

"In a very short time, Amy Matthews helped me and gave me some tools to work in my anxiety. I'm very pleased I chose her as counselor. "

- Written 1 day ago by K.E. for Amy Matthews (LMHC, )

"Dr. Kevin Wilbanks is a consummate professional. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from anger or anxiety."

- Written 1 day ago by B.E. for Dr. Kevin Wilbanks (D.Min, M.A., L.P.C.)

"Love my therapist. She is very supportive and caring."

- Written 1 day ago by H.A. for Penney O'Donnell Lyons (LMHC)

"Rebekah is a great councilor who listens and understands. She responds in a timely manner, and she’s always respectful and kind. She’s a pretty awesome person. "

- Written 1 day ago by J.A. for Rebekah Shaulis (MA,LPC,NCC)

"Jenna has been patient and understanding with me and my panic disorder, and been very encouraging in seeking out help! I will always be grateful to her for what she has done for me."

- Written 2 days ago by C.H. for Jenna Samuels (LMFT)

Our Support

Our support team is always here to answer any question and resolve any problem. Just contact us!

Our Office

Our office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, where world-changing technologies are being created. We are proud neighbours of iconic companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook.