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All counselors are licensed, accredited professionals. BetterHelp allows you to connect with them in a safe and private online environment. Anything you share is confidential.

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Start free so you can feel confident this is right for you. Then pay a low flat fee for unlimited sessions with your counselor. Counseling doesn't have to be expensive.

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"I feel very comfortable talking to Nancy, she is very honest and has helped me view my situation from another point of view. She has helped me understand myself a little better, and ways that I can help myself in the future. It's great that I'm able to send her a message whenever I feel like it, no matter what time it is."

- Written 1 day ago by T.A for Nancy Paris (LMFT)

"Janelle is great! She understands me and offers up a perfect mixture of kindness, honest assessment, and good advice. I really appreciate everything she has done so far to help me out!"

- Written 1 day ago by H.O for Janelle Gauthier (MA, LMHC)

"Although I have only been worked with Sarah for a couple of weeks I think she is amazing! She goes above and beyond what I thought I would get from this service. I am so thankful that she was chosen as my counselor."

- Written 1 day ago by A.S for Sarah Rossmiller (LPC)

"She's been incredibly helpful. She's extremely intuitive and most certainly empathetic. She picks up on thoughts and delves deeper with a grace that makes you feel comfortable."

- Written 1 day ago by G.A for Jennifer Smith (LPC)

"Best therapist I have ever had."

- Written 1 day ago by J.E for Dr. Tiffani Ledel (Psy.D)

"She is amazing, she understands my busy schedule, and she is peeling back the layers as much as I'll let her. Love her. Thank you!"

- Written 1 day ago by B.R for Priya Thiele (MA, LPC)

"Dr. Temkin has been a life saver. He has helped me in my darkest hour. His patience and humor have seen me through the toughest times. His experience and wisdom is profound. Highly recommend."

- Written 1 day ago by L.A for Dr. Daryl Temkin (Ph.D., MA, MFC)

"Betsy is extremely insightful, patient and switched on! She is super helpful and always recommends exercises or reads that are tremendously helpful and inspiring. I highly recommend her especially if you are looking for someone who understands and appreciates spirituality!"

- Written 1 day ago by W.E for Betsy Cook (MSW, LICSW)

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