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"Catherine has been very supportive during this difficult period. She's been a great sounding board and has offered some insightful guidance. It's obvious she really cares, and that she has a lot of experience. Highly recommend :-)"

- Written 3 days ago by D.E. for Catherine Lovern (LCSW)

"It's only been a two weeks but I do feel like talking with Erica has really helped me with my trust issues. I feel better talking to my friends and family since Erica made me realize it's alright to share and people won't judge you. "

- Written 3 days ago by D.A. for Erica Mau (MS, LPC, NCC, CCTP)

"I've been in counseling with Anne for the last year, working through some personal issues. Anne is professional, knowledgeable, empathetic and all around a pleasure to work with. She is also very prompt in her responses. With Anne's help I've been able to really turn around my perspective and approach to many issues and I am in a much happier, better place today. I highly recommend Anne as a counselor. "

- Written 3 days ago by M.E. for Anne Douglas (MS, LMFT, AAMFT-Fellow)

"Moushumi has been very helpful in helping me recover from my co-dependency and pending separation. She offers a variety of helpful advice and worksheets, and helps me keep a healthy and accurate perspective on my situation. I always look forward to our communication."

- Written 3 days ago by R.Y. for Moushumi Ghose (MA, LMFT)

"She has been so helpful. She's an advocate and very ethical. She advises me but is patient if I'm not ready to do it or if I end up going a different route. Most of all she's trustworthy. "

- Written 3 days ago by L.I. for Lillianne McBeth (MSW, LISW-CP, LCSW)

"Risa is very good at this kind of counseling, mirroring my needs back to me through writing and then guiding me through my own explorations of my issues. I never felt forced to consider something that wasn't on my mind, and that always sets me at ease. She's warm, thoughtful, and professional....and even has a nice sense of humor! Highly recommend."

- Written 3 days ago by A.L. for Risa Lenney (LCSW-R)

"Katie DeRegnier has been a great help and very supportive of me during a time when I thought all was lost. Right from our first contact she knew the right things to say and questions to ask. I was able to open up to her quickly & work through the issues I was having. "

- Written 3 days ago by C.H. for Katie deRegnier (MEd,LPCC)

"Dr. Marote has a healing, calming aura and this is one of the things that stands out the most about her. It is one thing to be proficient in your area of expertise but it is quite something else to be able to deliver it while still being true to who you are as a person. Dr. Marote does this effortlessly. "

- Written 3 days ago by N.J. for Dr. Melissa Marote (LPCC)

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