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Reviews For Our Therapists

Jeremy Rankins (MA,LPC) Jeremy RankinsMA,LPC

"Jeremy is great. Great listener, great advise on how to cope with situations. "

Valerie Horton (LPCC-S,LICDC) Valerie HortonLPCC-S,LICDC

"Valerie is the most kind and organized counselor I have ever had. She is easy to talk to, helps me organize my thoughts, and work through goals and tools to handle stress, anxiety, and depression. It has been two weeks so far and I've already noticed a difference. She helps hold me accountable while being understanding and gracious when I struggle. "

Dell Bednar (LPCC-S,LCDC III) Dell BednarLPCC-S,LCDC III

"Dell has been a pleasure. She has a easy going style that has been helpful in my journey with BP. She offers quality insure and includes worksheets that pertain directly to my needs. I would recommend Dell to anyone who is ready to take the next step in healing. I appreciate her professional and caring style. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be counseled by her. Thanks Dell"

Ashley Connolly (M.Ed.  LPC) Ashley ConnollyM.Ed. LPC

"Ashley is one of the sweetest and wonderful person I have ever met. Even in the short time I had with her I would recommend talking to her. Absolutely perfect 10/10"

Yvette Smith (LPCC) Yvette SmithLPCC

"Still early in the process with her, and have only had 1 session in video, but quite a few texts. She responds quickly and thoroughly and definitely is trying to understand the situation and offer advice and ask questions..."

Wes Akins (LICSW,PIP,Certified EMDR) Wes AkinsLICSW,PIP,Certified EMDR

"I have only had a few sessions with Wes but he is one of the best therapist I've ever had! Every session felt like speaking to an old friend and like receiving a virtual hug. He is very understanding and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend him."


How do I find a therapist near me?

Simply type in your city, state, or zip code in the search bar above to see therapists helping people in your area. You can also see which counselors are available by the most popular cities or by state.

What can a licensed professional counselor help me with?

Just about anyone can benefit from meeting with a licensed counselor. They can help you understand and deal with feelings or issues that you are struggling with. A therapist can also teach you skills to cope with emotional or mental stressors you are facing.

Which therapist is right for me?

Finding the right therapist for you can seem overwhelming, but you can narrow down your search by considering what type of therapy you’d like to pursue. Even if that means you’d be more comfortable communicating with a male or female therapist, take a few minutes to read through some counselor profiles to see their different areas of expertise, their philosophies on counseling, and learn a little more about them. If you feel like your matched counselor isn’t the right one for you, you can choose to match with a different counselor at any time.

How long do I have to wait to get an appointment with a counselor?

After taking our short questionnaire, you can instantly message the counselor that you’ve been matched to and schedule a time with them for a live chat or live phone session. You can message them as often as you would like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much does therapy cost?

Traditional face-to-face therapy typically costs $150 to $250 per session. Our online counseling is significantly more affordable and consists of a low flat monthly fee which includes all your messaging, chats, phone, and video sessions. You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. With more than 35,000,000 sessions and 3,000+ counselors to work with, plans with BetterHelp have proven to be the best solution for a growing population of members.

Learn more about Online Therapy & Online Counseling, and how millions of sessions have helped more than 600,000 people.

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