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Reviews For Our Therapists

Rachael Fields (M.Ed.  CSC,LPC,C.A.R.T.) Rachael FieldsM.Ed. CSC,LPC,C.A.R.T.

"Rachael is one of the best!!"

Jenise Aydell-Hontiveros  (LCSW, BACS) Jenise Aydell-Hontiveros LCSW, BACS

"She’s amazing!"

Tonya Wright-Hamilton (M.A.,LPC) Tonya Wright-HamiltonM.A.,LPC

"Tonya is a really great counselor, she really helped me during my time with stressful relationships. I was able to see it from the outer perspective while still validating how I felt in the situation. I was able to change my perspective on how I viewed personal matters and that helped aliviate anxiety and stress. One thing that she always reminded me of is that I need to practice what we discussed, therapy helps with putting feelings out there but I am given tools that I am mean to utilize, and it only works when practiced."

Dr. Smith (PhD,LPC,NCC) Dr. Tracy SmithPhD,LPC,NCC

"After my first session, Tracy made me so much better! Even texting throughout the day is so helpful! I feel like i’ve know her. I can’t thank her enough and i’m looking forward to more sessions."

Dr. Bordisso (Ed.D.,LMFT) Dr. Lou BordissoEd.D.,LMFT

"Dr. Lou has been an absolute great asset to me during my time this year with better help. I understand it is necessary for Dr. Lou to have a safe recovery regarding his health, however I am finding it difficult to get on appointments with him otherwise since he had to cancel other than his help. I do wish I had more time to speak with him in a designated our frame like I did with my previous counselor. My mental health still is at stake and I do wish to continue with him after he recovers but again finances have been really tricky and I really hate to be spending money when I don’t have responses from my counselor in the past couple weeks and getting on a solid schedule. Aside from his health I really do hate to have to switch again in the meantime if I could please speak to somebody from the better health team on how to go about my current needs on how to pick my next counselor that would be great. My grandma had recently passed away I am overwhelmed with finding a stable job and getting my confidence back and I’m also feeling pressure internally on doing better and being on my own but at the same time I love my family but they do get on my nerves and kind of feel negative vibes around them when I deep down want to do better and be my own cheerleader and feel like they are pulling me back as im trying to positively motivate myself to move forward and onward. Anybody who can challenge me to find happiness in all that I do and feel confident would be great at this time. Thank you "

Tawnny  Haymond (MA,LMFT) Tawnny HaymondMA,LMFT

"I’ve had 2 sessions with Tawnny and both have been quite beneficial for me. I have a lot of experience with therapy and enjoy working with someone who is direct and can help me work through something efficiently. She’s great for type A’s haha! She’s a great listener and challenges your thinking process if she notices that I could use some tweaking. So far so good! "


Therapist Finder: Therapist Nearby

How do I find a therapist near me?

Simply type in your city, state, or zip code in the search bar above to find a therapist helping people in your area. Finding a therapist near you is helpful if you're seeking in-person therapy. With online therapy, you have more flexibility in choosing therapy with a counselor best suited for your needs. 

Which licensed counselor is right for me?

Finding the right therapist for you can seem overwhelming, but you can narrow down your search by considering what type of counseling you’d like to pursue. Take a few minutes to read through some therapist profiles to see their different areas of expertise and their philosophies on therapy. If you feel like your matched therapist isn’t the right one for you, you can choose to match with a different therapist at any time. The most important thing in therapy is if you feel comfortable with your counselor.

How long do I have to wait to get an appointment with a counselor?

After taking our short questionnaire, you can instantly message the therapist that you’ve been matched to and schedule a time with them for a live therapy session. You can message your therapist as often as you would like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online therapy typically allows you to connect with a therapist more often than in-person therapy does. In both online therapy and in-person therapy, your counselor will integrate different methods into your treatment plan. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy is used to challenge and replace negative thoughts (cognitions) with healthy behaviors. Other methods include dialectical behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and family therapy.

How much does counseling cost?

Traditional face-to-face therapy typically costs $150-250 per session, while online therapy ranges from $60-90 per week (billed every four weeks). With face-to-face therapy, you're paying for one live counseling session per week, and you generally cannot contact your therapist between sessions. With online therapy, you're paying for one live therapy session per week, as well as the ability to message your therapist 24/7. With BetterHelp therapy, therapists typically check their messages once or twice a day.  

What should I ask my therapist?

When it comes to asking questions of a therapist to see if they're a good fit, you can start by emailing or calling the therapists' offices. You can usually find therapists' contact information online. Start by introducing yourself, and mention that you're curious about starting therapy. Ask if the therapist has experience working with people who are dealing with the same specific issues as you are. Keep calling or emailing therapists until you find someone with past experience treating the same issues in therapy. Once you start therapy, remember that the therapist is there to help you. If there's not a good fit between the therapist and client in therapy, don't feel bad about reaching out to a different therapist. Learn more about what speaking with a therapist during online therapy can do, and how millions of sessions have helped more than 1,845,000 people.

Can a therapist help?

Just about anyone can benefit from meeting with a licensed therapist. A therapist can also teach you skills to cope with emotional or mental stressors you are facing.

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