Dallas is a big city in Texas. In fact, it’s one of the biggest growing cities out there. Living in a place that is always growing can be interesting for one’s mental health. On one hand, living in a growing city means that you can meet new people and have new opportunities. However, it can also be overwhelming for someone. And with the city growing, you may feel like you’re being packed. A counselor can be a person who can be your city guide, and they can be someone who makes the city feel a little less crowded. Speak to a Dallas-based counselor today. 

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Self esteem, Bipolar disorder
Years of Experience: 30

Counselor, licensed in State of Texas: University of Texas-Austin Pacifica Graduate Institute-Santa Barbara, CA Workshop facilitator Agency setting for seven years Private Practice Depth Psychotherapy/Formal Dream Analysis EFT Tapping for releasing trauma/depressive states The Ten Questions which will tell you if you should stay or leave Introversion/Extroversion modalities and skills Artists, writers, fears & allowing the self to emerge in the creative process Hello to everyone! I'm a licensed counselor in Texas with 30 years in the areas of r...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Self esteem, Depression, Coping with life changes
Years of Experience: 5

I believe the counseling process should be a team effort. As such, I am excited to work together with all of my clients to assist them in overcoming their issues. This includes helping to empower them to be able to overcome any similar issues in the future. I also know counseling can be an intimidating process. This is especially so when being faced with sharing deeply personal things over the internet. As your counselor, I will put a conscious effort into creating a safe and welcoming therapeutic environment. I am always open for questions, comments or concerns a...

Specialties: Addictions, Trauma and abuse, Intimacy-related issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 15

I love people, and I love helping people through struggles. I listen with a non-judgmental caring heart, knowing we have all struggled in different ways. I would be honored to help guide you to the first and/or next steps in your healing journey. I specialize in brief therapy, trauma therapy, depression, addictions and compulsions, and anxiety. I started my counseling career by volunteering on teen suicide hotline about 25 years ago, and have been fully licensed as a professional counselor for 12 years now.

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 12

I believe the relationship that you and I develop with each other is the biggest influencer on your personal growth through counseling. I know opening up to someone can be scary and I hope to earn your trust and confidence. I enjoy working with both individuals and couples to help improve overall satisfaction in life. I primarily work with those experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship stress. Sometimes, life is just hard. Maybe your relationship isn't feeling strong. Or maybe you aren't feeling strong. We can work together to not only discover mo...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Parenting issues, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 4

Life can be difficult, and everyone deserves to have someone to listen and support them. My goal as a counselor is to help you as you face life's challenges by providing a listening ear, kind words of encouragement, and sometimes even a push to get you past difficult obstacles. Unfortunately, I don't have a magic wand or a quick-fix. However, if you are ready to make some changes, I am ready and willing to be your partner and guide. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas, and I have served as a counselor in school and non-profit set...

M.A., L.P.C. - S
Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Depression
Years of Experience: 41

My name is Mary Magdalene Smith and am known as Magdalena which is my middle name in Spanish. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach in Texas. I have been a Counselor for 41 years. My counseling style is primarily person centered and I am a good listener, culturally sensitive and very supportive of the client and of their Counseling goals. Though I have extensive experience working with men and women, I am currently focused primarily on working with women with the goal of Empowering Women to Be The Best they Can Be. My approach is primarily us...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, LGBT, Relationship issues, Self esteem, Depression
Years of Experience: 4

My name is Lisa Arce and I am a licensed therapist located in San Antonio, Texas. I have my Bachelors of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master's in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am passionate in helping individual adults, and couples gain the tools they need to become empowered and accomplish their goals in a safe and confidential environment. As a counselor, I believe that you are the master of your own story and you can choose where to go and what to leave behind. I believe in the power of choice and togethe...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Grief, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 27

I've been a professional counselor for over 27 years working at several very interesting locations during my career. I spent over 12 years at the National Institutes of health serving a wide spectrum of clients from some of the leading health researchers in the world to the hardworking staff workers from executive administrators to cafeteria custodians. I was the senior staff EAP representative and crisis counselor during the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11/2001, the anthrax attack in Washington D.C. two weeks later and the D.C. Sniper about a year later. Subse...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Self esteem
Years of Experience: 6

Hi My name is Louise McDermott, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas. I have been counseling individuals for about eight years and I enjoy helping others with personal growth and gaining authenticity in their lives. Many of my clients feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, thinking they have to choose one of two undesirable options. Sometimes, if we think creatively, we uncover new options to discover a direction that we feel energized about (and more likely to actually carry out!) I believe increased perception is fundamental a...

Specialties: Stress, Anxiety, Family conflicts, Grief, Parenting issues, Depression
Years of Experience: 14

My name is Mark Crowe, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas. I have worked in the mental health field for over 14 years and currently own and operate a private practice in the Greater Houston area. My professional career has involved working for child protective services, and many years working as a high school counselor. I have extensive experience working with young adults, families and parents, and couples. Areas of struggle that I have helped clients include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, parenting issues, relationship and marriage tro...

Having a hard time selecting a therapist?

Finding the right therapist can feel intimidating, but there are simple ways to narrow down your search for the Dallas area. First, research what type of therapy you’d like to pursue. Maybe that’s psychodynamic, cognitive behavior therapy or couple’s counseling; just pick what’s right for your needs. Next consider whether the gender of your therapist matters, and finally choose a therapist located near you in the city of Dallas, elsewhere in the Dallas county.

What is the cost difference between conventional therapy and working with one of our therapists above?

The United States has many therapists who are comfortable charging $200 or more per session, but the average price of a therapy session in Dallas ranges from $75-$150. Some therapists in the state of Texas will work on a sliding scale, meaning they’ll factor in your income and charge what you can afford per session. With our therapists serving both the city of Dallas and elsewhere throughout the state of Texas, you can expect significantly more affordable options with sessions ranging from $40 to $70 per week (billed monthly).

Did you know our therapists are not limited to in-person visits?

Online therapists, including all those listed above able to work with people like you in or around Dallas offer creative forms of communication to help people like you receive the best type of treatment for your needs. Whether that’s via sms texting with your therapist, video sessions where you see you one another and talk about your problems, live chat or phone sessions, you and your therapist will find the best way to address your mental health challenges.

How to know if therapy is right for you?

One of the rewarding aspects of working with a therapist is that they are listening to your feelings. Our friends and loved ones often hear us, but they may have a hard time providing objective guidance in the way a therapist can. A therapist wants to support you toward a healthier emotional state. In addition to developing healthier emotions, another benefit of therapy is you have a safe space to discuss problems that you may be hesitant to talk about with people in your everyday life.

Many people have sensitive topics to discuss, an addiction or issue with their relationship that they’re ashamed to speak about with their friends or partner. A Dallas therapist can help you confront this issue and find ways to face it and heal. With more than 1,317,929 people in the city of Dallas, finding a therapist can be both costly and hard to do. Our goal with the list of therapists shown above is to get you the support you need today. If you’re looking for a nearby therapist close to 75397 or surrounding zip codes, take a look at other available therapists in the popular nearby cities listed below.