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A fulfilling relationship with your spouse or partner can be an enormous source of strength. However, neglecting your connection can cause it to wither imperceptibly until communication problems start to arise. If you’re experiencing relationship issues, you’re not alone. Most couples have problems at some point in their relationship, and many decide to try couples counseling or marriage therapy with licensed therapists.

Online marriage counseling and in person therapy are options to help improve communication skills and foster healthy relationships. Many health insurance plans cover some therapy costs, so it's worth checking with your insurance provider to see what may be covered. Additionally, many counselors offer free consultations to help you decide which services may be right for your situation.

Reasons To Seek Couples Counseling

While each couple is unique, there are some common reasons that couples decide to pursue relationship counseling. These include communication problems, intimacy concerns, financial problems, fear of infidelity, and parenting disagreements.

If you see cracks appearing in your marriage and you cannot effectively handle the problems between the two of you, seeking professional counselors, such as a marriage counselor or family therapist, may save years of unhappiness and heartbreak. Doing nothing, on the other hand, will rarely cause problems to go away and can even cause relatively minor irritations to grow into something much more serious, like mental health concerns. Online counseling and in person couples therapy are available options to address these issues.

Even if you don't notice serious problems, family therapy or couples counseling may help improve communication and make your relationship even stronger. Better communication between you and your partner can help to effectively address problems long before they become serious burdens. The basis of family therapy or online relationship therapy is usually not two people talking to a therapist, but two people learning how to talk with each other with the help of a relationship coach.

Why Choose Online Couples Counseling

If you are concerned about going into a therapist's office, or if you think your partner wouldn't be willing to go, you might try online relationship counseling services, which research shows to be just as effective as in-person couples counseling. Online therapy comes with many benefits, including flexibility of scheduling and the convenience of a virtual therapy session. Many licensed family therapists' practices only run during certain hours on weekdays, sometimes making it difficult for not one but two people to regularly find time in their schedule for traditional therapy appointments. 

Online couples counseling, by contrast, can be done at any time from home, via text chat, phone conversations, or videoconferencing. This may be especially helpful for long distance couples who spend time apart due to work or other obligations. You don't need to be at the same location to receive services. Even if you and your partner are in different states, you can both connect with your licensed marriage counselor at the same time at a time that works for both of you. With online therapy platforms like ReGain, you can both use in-app messaging with your therapist anytime throughout your week, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they are able. This means that you can both express any thoughts, questions, or concerns as they arise instead of waiting until your next therapy session to address them. ReGain therapists are dedicated to helping you and your partner start living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Even before you're married, engaging in premarital counseling can help bring you and your partner closer together as a lifelong process founded on open and appropriate communication. While there might not be a single way to best achieve this, premarital counseling often identifies things you can both do better, as well as behaviors to start avoiding. Don't hesitate to seek counseling, and with options like online premarital counseling, it's more accessible than ever.


If you are experiencing relationship challenges, you and your partner don’t have to face them on your own. With ReGain, you can be matched with a licensed therapist with training and experience in couple’s therapy. If you prefer, you can also try individual therapy through either ReGain or BetterHelp. Take the first step toward a healthier relationship and reach out today.

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