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Many individuals believe that only couples facing issues in their relationships require counseling sessions with a couples counselor. However, in truth, there are various reasons why people may benefit from seeking help from a licensed professional counselor. Relationship issues such as previous relationships, sex life, and ways to maintain a healthy relationship are just a few of the topics that can be discussed in therapy sessions. Before deciding to try couples therapy online, however, many may wonder "How much does marriage counseling cost?" While the fee for a single couples therapy session may vary based on a number of factors, $50-250 per hour is typically what therapists charge. Other options, such as online couples therapy, may be more affordable. Let's look at the marriage counseling costs online.


Why a couple might choose to seek therapy

Couples therapy can help individuals learn to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts in a healthy manner, especially when facing relationship problems. Couples counselors can facilitate this process and ensure both partners are heard. Many individuals seek marriage counseling sessions to work through marital problems and find a solution that works for both partners.

Many couples choose to visit a couples therapist for preventative measures or maintenance to keep their relationship healthy and avoid serious issues. Couples counseling sessions can help couples address any potential problems or improve their communication skills.

One study found that “individuals who took part in premarital counseling indicated greater marital satisfaction than those who did not”, supporting the idea that couples therapy can be an effective preventative tactic.

Seeking advice from family or friends when facing challenges in your relationship, such as those related to work-life balance or partner disagreements, is common, and can be helpful. Still, there are times when a professional therapist can offer guidance that loved ones cannot. Though friends, family, or others you trust can provide support and advice, they are not unbiased—and unless they are licensed therapists, they aren’t trained to offer the holistic, research-backed guidance you may need. It’s one more reason some couples may choose to turn to a qualified mental health professional for help.

What to expect from couples counseling

There are many different forms of therapy, and different providers may have different approaches.  Your therapist will likely ask questions to get to know you both better and to get to the root of any relationship issues that may be causing friction or any areas that may benefit from focused attention. Marriage counselors are trained to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of your relationship, from communication to managing conflict. Most insurance companies will cover marriage counseling if it is requested and performed by a licensed therapist or marriage counselor.

Keep in mind that during each therapy session, the role of a therapist typically isn’t to settle disputes by deciding who was right or wrong. Instead, they’re likely to equip you and your partner with healthier, more effective strategies for communicating and handling relationship problems between the two of you.

Does couples counseling really work?


Another question people may have before deciding to pursue couples counseling is: Does it really work, and can it be helpful for my situation? While every couple’s dynamic is unique, a growing body of research does suggest that therapy can be an effective tool for those in relationships. A 2016 study discovered that even “brief, integrative” counseling helped meaningfully enhance emotional intimacy and marital quality. A 2011 study also found that couples therapy “positively impacts” 70% of those who receive this type of treatment, with outcomes being “vastly superior” to those who did not receive any treatment. If you’re looking to improve your relationship dynamic, couples counseling may be a worthwhile option to explore.

How much does couples counseling cost?

The cost of couples counseling can vary depending on several factors, such as the training, qualifications, and geographic location of your therapist and whether the therapy involves a marriage counselor or a different specialist. Some therapists who specialize in marriage counseling charge more for working with couples than they do for individual therapy because it requires specific training. On average, the couples counseling cost can range from approximately $50 to $250 per session.

Some health insurance plans may cover couples therapy, and many therapists offer a sliding scale rate, or discounts when multiple sessions are purchased ahead of time. If weekly sessions are a financial strain, biweekly or monthly sessions may still be practical. You can still learn new tools and build a foundation of trust with a marriage therapist on that cadence, no matter how many sessions you choose. The more effort you and your partner are willing to put in between sessions, the more benefits you may see—regardless of whether you’re meeting with your provider once a week or once a month.

For those who are interested in a more cost-effective option or who simply prefer the relative convenience of virtual sessions instead of in-person sessions, online couples therapy may be something to consider. Plus, research suggests that couples who participated in online therapy tended to feel “less intimidated or judged”, which can contribute to more positive therapeutic outcomes. With a platform like Regain, marriage counseling online costs range between $65 and $100 per week. If you’re interested in individual therapy instead of or in addition to couples therapy, costs through a virtual therapy platform like BetterHelp range from $65–100 per week (based on factors such as your location, referral source, preferences, therapist availability and any applicable discounts or promotions that might apply) to have sessions with a qualified therapist.



Couples counseling can be seen as an investment in your relationship. While many insurance companies generally may not cover couples counseling, it is still worth investigating what options you have. Most therapists are in-network providers for insurance coverage, and many offer sliding scale fees. Only you can answer "is marriage counseling worth it?" but the evidence suggests that marriage therapy can create positive and lasting change for you and your partner.
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